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12/02/13-Week 43 [Week 1 of Transfer 8]

First of all: I know you were all wondering..... yes, our Zone does have a mascot. We are the Huntington Hippos.....because we get fed a we are getting fat like Hippos......... :D It makes me laugh :D Also, I have been given a personal "spiritual animal" from our Zone Leader Elder Bighorse. I am apparently an Otter...I don't get it..but hey. He is Navajo, so maybe he know what he is a talking about. haha :D Sister Corbrige is a Panda Bear. :D Anyways..........................................

It was Thanksgiving this past week! And it was lots of fun. We went to the Kennedy's for Thanksgiving dinner and they had lots of family over. It was kind of like home! We had the usual thanksgiving meal with turkey and mashed potatoes. But we went around stopping by people and singing "Count Your Many Blessings" to them. It was lots of fun! We were able to see lots of people even though it was Thanksgiving! It was great! 

Sister Farr & Sister Ison
But, my new companion is Sister Lacey Ison!! She is from Grantsville, Utah (but grew up in Kentucky). She is 20 years old and has been out for 6 months now! She served in Middletown, Ohio for 6 months and now is my companion! We are going to have lots of fun! She is super sweet and loving. I am excited to get to know her better and have more miracles happen! She is a new STL, so I am kind of teaching her what you do as an if I even know what I am doing. {haha} But it is fun. Sister Corbridge went down to Anderson, Indiana. It is just about an hour south! So not too far. Which I am happy about. She is my bestest friend. :D
Joe's Baptism

Exciting news of the week!!! Joe got baptized!!!! Hurrah for Israel!!! <-- haha. That is something that we say. It was amazing! He was just beaming after it happened. You can tell that he was very happy and excited. And I am too. He has been progressing so quickly recently and it has been amazing to watch. He and his wife are planning to go to the temple next year and get sealed! I definitely want to go with them..maybe we will have to make a trip out of it! He reminds me of Tucker! He is always cracking jokes. We laugh a lot. When he received the gift of the Holy Ghost, he joked that he was going to go to the front and hum during the prayer. And then at the end stand up and say "Hurrah for Israel!!"....and I really could see him do that. But he didn't {thankfully} But he keeps us laughing. Everything went so well. 

Also, yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and Susan got up and bore her testimony! She is not even a member yet! But she bore the sweetest testimony. She was tearing up and just saying how she knew the church is true. She said that we treated her so well at this church and that she has never had that kind of support before. She made me start to cry. She talked about how she gets angry and stomps her feet and yells, and how "the Sister missionaries are always right there with me telling me that 'it is okay, everyone gets mad'. [She] has never had anyone do that before." It was the sweetest thing. She also said that she wanted to get baptized before Christmas. She said at the end, the Bishop and the Stake President grabbed her, and they both had a tear in their eye. It was incredible!! It made my whole day! I love her sooooo much! We see them every day and I have seen such a change in them since the day I met them 6 months ago. They are really changing. Oh man! I just love the people here!!
We also had a miracle with Lavon and her family. We have been trying to set up a time to come and see them recently, but nothing has been working out. So yesterday we decided to stop by. We went inside and I wasn't sure if they were very excited to see us. But we had an amazing lesson with them. We talked about eternal families and how the gospel can bless their family. We met their 2 teenage daughters and are going to start teaching them! :D I am super excited! At the end of the lesson, her husband, Richard, prayed for us. When we asked him, he was very hesitant. But we showed him how to pray. He then informed us that he had never prayed out loud before in his whole life. But he did it for us!!! And it was amazing!!! The spirit was so strong. He was just willing to take that leap of faith. :) Oh was just so amazing.

Miracles just keep happening here in Huntington!! I know that this is the Lord's work. Nothing can happen unless He is involved. Even to all of you back home, you can't do it without our Savior. Rely on Him! He will help you! I am so proud of all you are doing to help the missionaries! But the most you can do is be member missionaries! Invite people to activities! Invite them to church! Don't be ashamed of who you are. This is the gospel. We have to stand up for what we know. We are running out of time. There is no more time to wait.. the Lord is hastening His work for the second coming of our Savior. Get out there and share your testimonies with the world!! :D I love you all!! Keep me in your prayers!
Sister Farr & Sister Ashby, a childhood friend.

Love you!
Sister Farr

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