Sunday, February 16, 2014

02/10/14-Week 53. [Week 5 of Transfer 9] "PBJ"


Sister Ison showed me a pretty funny song this week...It is the Peanut Butter and Jelly song. The part I love is this:

           "I'm Peanut Butter, and you are Jelly, and we're so happy on our little piece of bread!" 

It just makes me happy...I don't know why. hahaha. You start to get easily entertained as a missionary because you don't have much time to find entertainment. 

Here is a funny tender mercy from Heavenly Father this week. It shows that He does know us, and He has a sense of humor. I have been craving baked beans for quite a while (<--I get cravings a lot...). And since I go on lots of exchanges, I have been asking the sisters if they have any. To my happy surprise, when I was in Fort Wayne on an exchange with Sister Montrose, I was eating breakfast and I saw a box with baked beans on it.....and there were cans inside! Horray!! So we had baked beans for lunch :) Heavenly Father does care about the insignificant things in our lives. Even though I never said a prayer asking for baked beans, He knew that it would make me smile and brighten my day. It is truly amazing how He has time to pay attention to the little details in our lives such as wanting Baked Beans. 

Making Modge-Podge Ornaments
But on a more serious note, this week I was on exchanges in Peru, Indiana with Sister Lewis. And we had a true miracle! We were doing some volunteering at a rest home helping the cute old ladies make some modge-podge ornaments. Then we went and were talking with one of the ladies they are teaching. As we were walking back to our car, there was a maintenance man standing in the hallway. As we passed him, he stopped us and asked if we were from a church. We told him yes and explained what church we were from. We talked with him after that for a good 30 minutes. He told us how God had changed his life and how people had been randomly telling him that God was going to bless him soon. I was just beaming from ear to ear because I knew exactly what God was going to bless him with!!! THIS GOSPEL!! :D It is the greatest blessing you could receive in your whole life. As we talked, I told him that it was no coincidence that we met him that day. We set up a return appointment. It was an amazing experience! I have never had anyone stop ME before. We always have to stop them. Although he is not in my area, I am so excited for him! I hope he continues to learn and recognizes that this is what God is blessing him with. Heavenly Father is so amazing.  This is truly His work. 

Also, Wayne is still planning to get baptized this Saturday!!! Horray!!! :D :D He came to chruch yesterday, despite the snow. :) And afterwards he had a meeting with the Bishop. His 15 min appointment turned into 45 minutes. He came out beaming. I am so happy for him. He had a really great experience! He loved the High Priest group and people were surrounding him after church just talking with him. It made us so happy. I never realized how important fellowshipping is. If there is one thing you can do for the missionaries, it is to be the friend of the people they bring to church. Notice them. If they don't come one week, call them up, stop by. Just like you would with one of your friends. They need your support! Not just the missionaries. Otherwise, they will be baptized into inactivity. 

I love this gospel!! This work is amazing. I am so grateful for the privilege I have of serving my Father in Heaven. It is wonderful to be a part of the hastening of His work as a full-time missionary. All of us are involved. We all should be sharing this wonderful message with others. I love you all!! Thank you for all you do!!!

Sister Farr

Looking good in my new blouse.

02/03/14-Week 52 [Week 4 of Transfer 9]

Funny story to start out with, this week I did the splits getting out of the car. You see, it rained A LOT this week after we had a snow storm, so there was water all over the roads as the snow melted. But the next day, the temperature dropped back down and it all froze....and then it snowed on top of it again.....It was little bit crazy to drive on. But as we parked next to our house, I stepped out of the car and my foot slid...and every time I put pressure on it to stand up, I slid more. It was quite painful. I wish I had a picture; it probably looked hilarious. I yelled for Sister Ison and when she came around the car she just laughed at me for a few minutes until she helped me up. :) Funny memories!! :D

But I have some exciting news about Wayne! To start off, a few weeks ago Sister Ison and I picked out a weekend in February that we wanted to have a baptism and who we wanted it for. We had picked February 15th and we wanted Wayne to get baptized. The other week, we committed Wayne to pray about a baptismal date for himself (he told us he wanted it to be his decision). This week when we went for our lesson, we followed up with him, and he told us that he had prayed and decided on February 15th (!!!!!!). NO WAY! The same date. We are so excited for him! He has finally decided to get baptized. I am so happy for him! Keep him in your prayers!

Then another amazing thing that happened this week. I was on exchanges with Sister Memmott in Decatur on Thursday, and we had gone to an investigators house for a lesson, but they weren't home. So we decided to walk down the street to a potential investigator to see if they were home. But...they weren't home either. We started walking back to the car, and Sister Memmott said "why are we here then..?" We sat there and looked around for a few minutes, and then I noticed her ears. They were bright red....tomato red. And I said "We have to get something on your ears. They are going to freeze." So we decided to walk back to the car and get her ear muffs and then come back. When we got back, a car pulled up and a man got out and started to shovel a drive way. I thought, "Sweet! Let's go talk to him!" We went over and had a pretty good conversation with him. His name was Jesus (he was hispanic) and he ended up telling us that we could come over later and talk with him more. When we went over that night, he started asking us what the thing we did with putting people underwater was. We said "Baptism!!" Thinking, "Sweet! He wants to get baptized!" Then he said, "Oh, I've already been baptized.." we said "Oh, that's cool!." Then he said "No...In a Mormon church in Arizona." We said ".....wait really? That's wonderful!!" Come to find out, he was baptized a while back in Arizona before he was married (probably about 20 years ago). So we found a Less-Active, Part-Member family. It was really amazing though! :) I just love how the Spirit works! :D :D This gospel is wonderful!

Let's see... Then we found a wonderful lady named Dorothy. She has had a very hard life. She was actually calling a law attorney in Indiana (who happened to be LDS) and they asked if she had a church that she attended. She told them that she didn't, so they asked if they could send the missionaries over. Amazing!! So we got a referral to go and see her. She is so sweet. I am very excited to be able to teach her!

Things keep going forward here. We have lots of work to do, but it will keep going. The church is so true! I can't even stand it sometimes :D I love you all!

Sister Farr

Coloring Therapy

1/27/14-Week 51. [Week 3 of Transfer 9]

Hello!! :D

I made it through another week!! I didn't know if I would..

It has been one of those weeks. But I am hopeful that this next week will be better! It has been very stressful being over so many other sisters. We are constantly running.. running.. running. We are trying to find some things that we can do a bit differently so that we won't be quite so stressed. We got some coloring books today :) Well, giant princess coloring pages! We are pretty excited to color them. Some people say that it helps to relieve stress. If any of you have some ideas of how we can relieve stress, it would be great to hear your ideas! We need all we can get! I just used to dance and watch movies or sleep, but you can't really do that as a missionary.... :) 

I just love Lavon and Richard and their family :) They are just wonderful! On Saturday night, Lavon was having a really hard time. She said it seemed as though everything was going wrong and falling apart. She immediately thought to text us and ask us if we could come over. When we got her text, we went over as soon as we could. We went over there and she poured out all that had been happening. I can't tell you the difference there was from the time we got there to the time we left. We talked to them, shared scriptures, and just were there to comfort. Interestingly enough, that day Sister Ison and I had been having similar feelings as Lavon and had a rough morning. We went and got blessings...and fries....... But as we talked to Lavon, we had so much more understanding of how she felt. Because we had been feeling the same way! We could sympathize with her. God works in mysterious ways. We were wondering why everything was happening and why we felt so out of control, but when we went to Lavon and Richard's house that evening, it all made sense. We are here to represent our Savior, and we had to be able to do that for Lavon. The Savior understands perfectly what we are going through, and so He knows how to help us. Not saying that Sister Ison and I are ANYTHING close to the Savior, but we were able to understand more of how our Savior feels when we come running to Him. He understands, He does not judge, He loves us perfectly, and He will heal us. I am so grateful for all that He has done for us. He is the only one who truly understands. He is always there. I have had to turn to Him countless times, but I know He will never get tired of hearing from us. 

I don't have much to share this week. It has been long. We went on two exchanges, one in Fort Wayne with Sisters Montrose and Wheeler and one in Kendallville with Sisters Rolfe and Wight. We learned a lot and it was wonderful. I love being able to help all of the sisters. I have grown so much! I have felt our Father in Heaven lifting me and helping me to fulfill all that He has asked of me. I am so grateful for Him.

A quote that  I love:

"Latter-Day Saints don't just know what Jesus Christ saved them from; but what He saved us for."  -Brad Wilcox

We have more hope in the future. We know our purpose. We know that we haven't just been saved, but we know why. Let us make our time here count! We can't waste any time. We need to prepare to meet our Father in Heaven now. We have so much more potential than we realize. I know this gospel is true. I love it with all of my heart. It lifts me and carries me through. 

I love you all! I hope you stay warm. It is bitter cold here! We are going to bundle up tight!

All my love,
Sister Farr

p.s. sorry I don't have any pictures this has been a little bit crazy... I am repenting and will be better next week though! ;) Love you all :)

01/20/14-Week 50! [Week 2 of Transfer 9] "Stress...fries...and the Priesthood :)"

hahah hi.

This week has been stressful to say the least. And thus, Sister Ison and I have made a lot of fries....... and eaten a little bit too much food........ So today at the store we got a bunch of rabbit food. Peas, carrots, broccoli, oranges, bananas...that stuff. But hopefully it will help! And help me lose some weight. But! We have also been doing a crazy workout. I have been so sore I can barely move. But I am getting used to it now. I am determined to look the same when I come home! :)

Anyways....what happened this week? Well, we had Zone Meeting and that was incredible! It honestly was one of the most spiritual zone meetings I have ever been to. Sister Ison and I trained the missionaries about extending baptisms to our investigators. And it went really well! They all really improved! It went from 4 extensions total to 20 extensions total! We were excited. But at the end of the meeting, they had a testimony meeting and it was beautiful. The Spirit was so strong. Sister Ison and I both bore our testimonies and it was incredible. I am so grateful for this gospel and our Father in Heaven. This week has been full of miracles even though it has been hard. 

I had such a testimony builder of the Priesthood. Sister Ison has been going through a hard time recently and we have talked a lot about it. I have given her suggestions and she has studied and prayed a lot. But this past Monday, I had the idea to have her get a blessing. We asked the Elders to do it, and so they gave her a blessing that evening. And it was incredible. It was completely lead by the spirit. The things that the Elders said were directly from Heaven. They said things that I know only God knew. I cried through the whole thing, Sister Ison cried through the whole thing. It was just amazing. My testimony of the Priesthood has just exploded. I know that it is real. There is no way that the Elders would have just guessed at those things. I am so grateful for the blessing we have to know of the Priesthood and be able to use it. Never be afraid or shy to ask for a blessing. They can do miracles! :)

We went on 2 exchanges this week and saw many miracles! In one exchange, we found 3 new investigators in 1 day! It was amazing! I know that Heavenly Father has really been strengthening me with our new calling. I could not be able to do this without His strength. I call on Him every day. Multiple times a day. I need Him literally every hour. I just love this gospel. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to share this with others.

Lavon and Richard want to be baptized! We are so excited. In our lesson, Richard was telling us how much he appreciated everything that we had done for him and his family. He even started to tear up. It was so sweet. The Spirit is always so strong when we teach them. We are hoping that their daughters will get more involved! They are a very special family.

Also, break through with Wayne!! He has never given us a straight answer about baptism. He has always said that he wants to study more, but at our lesson, the Spirit was so strong! And we asked him if he felt like the spirit was telling him if he should be baptized.. and he said "Yes" WHAT?? That is awesome!! We were so excited. We committed him to pick out a date for baptism. We are so excited for him. Keep including him in your prayers!!

I am sorry that the letter is short this week. We are kind of pressed for time. I love you all so much! I am so grateful for all that you do for me! I feel the strength of your prayers and the love you send me! I LOVE YOU :D 

Sister Farr

01/13/14-Week 49 [Week 1 of Transfer 9] "Woah."

Heeelllo :)

This week has been.......all over the place!!

First you all heard about the crazy snow storm and freezing-ness on Monday, so we were stuck inside. Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty good. But then on Thursday....everything.....exploded..... :) hahaha.
Thursday were transfers (oh! P.S. I am STAYING in Huntington, Indiana...yes I will spend 9 months here...yes that is half of my mission :D) anyways, so it was transfer day and we did lots of service in the morning. (actually we held snakes at the Bowers big deal). Then at about 2:00 we get a call from the Zone Leaders asking us if we had heard the news....we didn't know what they were talking about. So they informed us that we were getting another set of sisters in our ward here in Huntington...and that they were living with us.... So we kind of panicked and had to run around our apartment to figure out how we were going to fit 2 more missionaries in there. It was CRAZY! We also had to split the area. So now we have 3.5 missionaries in our ward. (0.5 because there are some missionaries that cover part of our ward and part of the ward up in Columbia City) It is insane! Then we learned that we are also STL's over the Fort Wayne zone too. Which means that we are over 6 sets of sisters. So we will be gone on exchanges for 2 days every week. It will be......yeah....crazy. 

Then on Friday we had Mission Leadership Council...and Thursday night at 8:30 the Assistants called us and asked us to give a 30 minute training on teaching families. So, while we were driving to Muncie to sleep over with some other sisters on our way to Cincinnati, we prepared our training. Then on Friday morning, we woke up at 4:30am and I drove us to Cincinnati for our big meeting. On the way, we lost our gas card and so I had to use my personal card to get gas for us. At the beginning of the meeting, one of the AP's came down and told me that the Mission President wanted to talk to me in his office. So I went up there and he had me, all of the AP's and sister Porter in there. Then he said "Okay, we have to raise the bar this time. We have to help them raise the bar for their missionaries." (<-- speaking of the ZL's and other STL's) And we knelt down and said a prayer. It was crazy. So Sister Ison and I trained all of the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders....(ahhhhhhhh!!!!). It was seriously crazy. I felt like a sister assistant. It was crazy. I don't even know what was happening. We were so exhausted all day. When we got to Muncie, we were pooped. 

On Saturday we had our baptism!!! :D But the morning was crazy. We had lots of planning and had to help the other sisters. (it feels like I am opening an area all over again with them is crazy). But the baptism went really well! A lot of people came and the spirit was so strong!! I loved it! :D They were so excited! 

Sunday was AMAZING!! We had some incredible talks. They were mostly about how we needed to "step it up" and keep our standards high. They talked about how we needed to stop making excuses for not doing things. Something that Sister Gradeless said really hit me. She said, "When Jesus comes again, will all of our excuses really matter?" I never thought of it that way. All too often we make excuses for not doing things. We ALWAYS have an excuse. But really, when it all comes down to it, our excuses really won't matter. We just need to get up and do it. We need to change ourselves and become who Christ and Heavenly Father know we can be. We have to hold to the rod. Not just dance our fingers on top of it. We live in a world where everyone around us is changing their standards and lowering them to accommodate for the world. But we can't! We have to stay strong. We will become less and less like the world. But that is what being "Saints" is all about. We are "set-apart". I just left so pumped up after that meeting. It was incredible! 
After church we had lots of meetings and paperwork to get done. And then Sister Fox (one of the other sisters) locked the keys in the we were all stranded :) hahaha. But luckily our landlord happened to be driving by and was able to stop and unlock it (MIRACLE!!)

BUSY schedule
All in all,

this week has been good, but just all over the place! I am excited for a new week! I love you all and think of you often :) Thank you for your prayers and encouragement! I need all of it! I love you so much! Keep being amazing and doing the little things. They really do matter! Have a wonderful week!!

Sister Farr

01/07/14-Week 48 [Week 6 of Transfer 8]'s just -12 degrees outside. No big deal. 

Yesterday it was -14 degrees....and we were not allowed to drive because of the snow..nor walk because we would have got frostbite. So we camped out in our little apartment huddled in blankets :) It was great fun! But it feels like forever since I have talked with someone about the gospel! I think I am going to be a super awkward person when I get home. I am not going to know what to talk about.... :) So you will have to bear with me. 

I got a little sick last sadly I spent New Years Eve and New Years Day in bed.....but I am on the mend! {So the pictures of new years...aren't really on new years....but it's okay!!} I got a nasty head cold and so we were in for a few days, but now I just have a few sniffles and a cough once in a while! Horray for medicine! I am just making sure that I am careful with the cold so that I don't get sick again. But no need to worry, Heavenly Father will take care of me :) 

Our investigators Lavon and Richard are still doing wonderful! They came to a church tour on Saturday and it was incredible! When they walked in they said that they both could just "feel it". Richard said he felt lighter and Lavon said she just felt more calm and at peace. It was so amazing! They loved it. Then before we went into the chapel, we told them that it was extra special and to pay attention to how they felt. When they walked in, Lavon said she got the butterflies and Richard had a "cold chill" on the back of his neck. They are just loving every minute! I love them so much. When we asked how the Book of Mormon reading had been going, they said that it was good and that they were already to almost chapter 8! Richard had questions about why Nephi had to kill Laban, but they liked what they had read. Then Richard said the closing prayer for us! It was the sweetest prayer. He knew that church might be cancelled on Sunday but he prayed that church would be not cancelled so that him and his family could come and make this change in their life. On Sunday morning the storm was setting in and church was almost cancelled, but they just had sacrament meeting. We took them breakfast before and they were all up and ready to go. They said that nothing was going to stop them from coming! Not even the blizzard. When they came, you could just tell that they loved it! They were smiling and it was just wonderful! I am so excited for their family. They are truly prepared and ready for the gospel! 

I know that we were supposed to have 2 baptisms on Saturday, but because of the big storm that came through, it was moved. So, this weekend we are supposed to have Jonathon and Zachariah get baptized! The only thing that would hold them back would be the weather again. Their grandfather is supposed to baptize them, but is coming up from Missouri, so it makes it kind of difficult. But they are so excited! They are praying more and reading in the picture Book of Mormon that we gave them. It is so sweet! We are very happy for their family. 

Our Mission President had us do something with our patriarchal blessings that I really enjoyed and thought I would suggest to you all! He had us go through our patriarchal blessings and make a couple of lists: "I am...", "I will...."  and " I won't...". It was really cool to do that! I learned a lot about myself and a lot about what I will do in my life and reminded myself of what I won't do. I think it would be a really good activity for all of you to take the time to do. 

I wish I had more time to email today, but I have to make it short because we are taking time out of our normal day to do this. But I love you all!!! :D 

Sister Emilee Farr

12/23/13-Week 46 [Week 4 of Transfer 8]

Hi Family!


So Sister Ison and I decided that if someone didn't know what Missionaries did and they saw our apartment..they would think we were creepers!! Or stockers.... You see, we had our landlord and an electrician come over this morning to make sure everything in our apartment was working well. And we started to think about all of the weird stuff we have in our apartment.
For example: pictures of the Prophet and 12 apostles [to them it would look like random old guys on our wall]. Our map of the area with members and investigators on it [to them it would look like a hit list or a stocker list]. A miniature Book of Mormon at the top of our Christmas tree [to them they may think we worship the Book of Mormon"].....and so on. Oh man..the things they probably thought. 

We didn't have any baptisms last week, some things came up. But we are hoping for 2 this weekend!! Keep them in your prayers :)

This past week we had a Christmas conference and it was lots of fun! They had a variety show where they had 9 different random skits and they called different people up to do them. It was so funny. They had Missionaries dancing and singing and telling jokes and reading and just doing silly things. It was so funny. We were all laughing so hard. Then they had a more spiritual presentation. They focused it on the life of Christ and had musical numbers and slides. It was beautiful! Another sister {Sister Rolfe} and I sang a duet of "Come Follow Me." It was kind of scary, but it went over good :) I felt the spirit so strong. It confirmed to me over and over again that Jesus is the Christ and He is our Savior. He died for us and He loves us. And because of Him, all things are possible. I can't imagine all that He had to go through. These past couple of weeks, as a mission, we have been studying the Atonement. I have learned so many things about our Savior! But one of the biggest things that I have learned is that the Savior had power over death. Because He was the literal son of God, He had powers of immortality. Therefore, He could have lived forever. No one could take His life from Him. He had to voluntarily give it up. I think of how hard it was to die for us, but it must have been harder to live for us. At any moment during the Atonement He could have ended His life. He could have said He was done and stopped it all. But even through the hardest and most difficult times of pain, He kept living. He lived through all of the pain and suffering. He chose to end His life when He was upon the Cross. It amazes me to come to understand more and more about what our Savior actually went through. He has done so much for us. I am so grateful for Him and His example and life. Remember Him through this time and season. It is all about Him. I am so grateful that I can represent Him during this time of year. It is the only time in my life that I will be able to do it. 

I don't have much time left!!! But I love all of you :) :) I will talk to you on Wednesday!! I will be calling at 3:00 MY TIME and 1:00pm YOUR TIME I can't wait!!! I LOVE YOU ALL :) :)


Love, Sister Farr

12/16/13-Week 45 [Week 3 of Transfer 8]

Huntington covered in snow.
Hi Family,

It has been so much fun today on email!! Lots of people have been online! :) Yay!! It makes me so happy to be able to talk to all of you! But...I am also more limited on time to email all of you this sorry if it is short! I am doing well! It is getting really chilly here. We had a huge snow storm last week and there is snow all over the place! The little town here doesn't really know how to plow their roads too we just have fun driving in it! But no worries, Dad taught me how to drive in the snow, so I will be all good. We are careful, but it is quite adventurous!

Let see...this week has been great! We are supposed to have 2 people get baptized  this coming Saturday! Wayne and Susan. We are stoked! Wayne has been investigating for about 8 months and finally received an answer about Joseph Smith and President Monson. In our last lesson, we went in not knowing what we were going to do. I just knew that we had to help him overcome his concern with not knowing if the Prophets were real. So we showed him President Monson's talk from the October 2012 conference and it went really well! Afterwards we asked him some questions, and he told us that he felt that he was a prophet. Then we were talking about Joseph Smith and he had prayed more specifically about him in-between our visits and he said that he felt he was a prophet. So we asked him what he was going to do now that he had this knowledge. He said he was going to keep studying and such, but we emphasized that faith is an action word. So we had him pray about baptism on the 21st with us and afterwards he told us that he felt the Lord was telling him to move forward. So he committed to the 21st for baptism! It was a miracle! We are so excited for him. We hope it all works out. If it doesn't happen this week, it will be the next week!

Then, Susan's biggest hold up was her probation. She has been on probation for about a little under a year. But she recently got off. She was supposed to quit smoking yesterday (we will be checking up on that today) and other than that she should be good to go! It has been something that we have been waiting for a long time to happen. It will be amazing!
Please keep them in your prayers!! They need lots of extra support and prayers. The devil is working hard on them and will work even harder in these next few days!

Other than that things are going well! We found a few new people to teach this week. One was actually pretty cool! I was on exchanges with Sister Colton and we were walking around in 10 degree weather just freezing. No one was outside, and no one was answering their doors. So we walked up and down some streets and decided to go back to our car to say a prayer. As we sat down, Sister Colton looked in the rear-view mirror and saw someone walking towards us. So we decided to wait in the car until they were closer and then get out and start talking to them. As they approached, we got out and started a conversation. It was really cool! We had an amazing talk with her (for 45 min) and are going to go back and talk to her some more! She was really sweet and friendly. Although my chin was frozen to the point where I couldn't quite talk was so worth it! [it literally felt like trying to talk when your mouth is numb from the dentist..hahaha].
I love this work! I love the privilege I have to represent our Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that He lives. I know that He hears our prayers and loves us more than we even understand. I couldn't do this without Him. He supports me and lifts me when I can't do it anymore. He has been there to hear my cries and wipe my tears. I know that He will do anything He can to support us and strengthen us. As long as we call out to Him, He will be there. This is the true church. There is no doubt in my mind. Each morning when I study, the Spirit teaches me more and more. It all just makes sense! If you ever have a doubt, go to God. He will answer it for you!! He has the ways and the answers. He loves you! And I love you!! Have a wonderful week!!!!! I will talk to you all soon!!! :D :D

12 Days of Christmas

Love, Sister Farr

12/9/13-Week 44 [Week 2 of Transfer 8]


It is cold. That's all I have to say this week. Love you!


Okay, not really. I don't have a lot though! It has just been a week full of lots of meetings! And do you like my Christmas tree? I thought I was cleaver. Anyways.. On Tuesday we went to Cincinnati for a Mission Leadership Council. We woke up at 4:15 am and didn't get home until 10:45 pm. It was a LONG day. We did lots of driving. But we made it!!! Then on Thursday we had a Zone planning session in the morning for 4 hours. And then on Friday we had a Zone meeting for 3 hours. It was lots of fun! So yeah. Long story short..we had lots of meetings. 

Let's see....Oh! The reason why the title is about a bird is because Sister Ison and I caught a bird this week! You see, we went over to Susan's on Friday and she had birds living in the walls of her apartment. So long story short, we were singing some hymns and then we hear a bird walking right above us on her ceiling tiles. So we decided that it would be a good plan to just open one of the ceiling tiles and let it fly into her apartment. So we closed all of the doors, and opened the main door that leads into the hallway outside. We have a funny video of us doing it all. But we moved a ceiling tile and then it flew out. We chased it for about 20 minutes and finally threw a towel over it and caught it. We walked it outside and let it fly away. It was great fun!

We had some discouraging things happen this week. We had one person tell us that they were going to see if the Catholic church was any good. We had another get told that they couldn't meet with us for at least a month. And another one got frustrated with us for talking about how God can help them quit smoking. It was rough. I have to admit. I am excited for a new week to start! We are going to make some miracles happen and find lots of new people to teach!

We have some hope with Wayne! He is supposed to get baptized next week :D yay!!! He came to church yesterday and stayed all 3 hours! We were super excited. We are hoping that he sticks with next week to be baptized. Keep him in your prayers! He wants it to be true, he is just waiting for that definite answer from Heavenly Father. He is reading in the Book of Mormon, coming to church, reading the conference ensign, and praying. It is just a matter of time before he recognizes and receives that confirmation. 

We had a really good lesson with our new family that we are teaching. Lavon, Richard, Chayanne, and Layla. We are super excited about them! We have had really spiritual lessons with them so far. Last week Richard prayed for us out loud, and he said that he has never prayed out loud before. And this week, he prayed for us again!!! :D It is just amazing too see him show his faith in God. We had a spiritual lesson last night and taught them part of the Restoration. They told us that they love us coming over. Lavon even posted on her Facebook last week that she had a really good talk with the Sisters. How crazy is that?? No one ever tells anyone that they are meeting with us! But it is really cool :) We are hoping for the best. 

I am going to have to take a picture of our cute little Christmas tree and sent it next week! I love it :) I love Christmas too!!!! Have a wonderful week everyone! Keep praying for us!! We need it. You are all amazing!!! I love you!!! :D

Sister Farr

12/02/13-Week 43 [Week 1 of Transfer 8]

First of all: I know you were all wondering..... yes, our Zone does have a mascot. We are the Huntington Hippos.....because we get fed a we are getting fat like Hippos......... :D It makes me laugh :D Also, I have been given a personal "spiritual animal" from our Zone Leader Elder Bighorse. I am apparently an Otter...I don't get it..but hey. He is Navajo, so maybe he know what he is a talking about. haha :D Sister Corbrige is a Panda Bear. :D Anyways..........................................

It was Thanksgiving this past week! And it was lots of fun. We went to the Kennedy's for Thanksgiving dinner and they had lots of family over. It was kind of like home! We had the usual thanksgiving meal with turkey and mashed potatoes. But we went around stopping by people and singing "Count Your Many Blessings" to them. It was lots of fun! We were able to see lots of people even though it was Thanksgiving! It was great! 

Sister Farr & Sister Ison
But, my new companion is Sister Lacey Ison!! She is from Grantsville, Utah (but grew up in Kentucky). She is 20 years old and has been out for 6 months now! She served in Middletown, Ohio for 6 months and now is my companion! We are going to have lots of fun! She is super sweet and loving. I am excited to get to know her better and have more miracles happen! She is a new STL, so I am kind of teaching her what you do as an if I even know what I am doing. {haha} But it is fun. Sister Corbridge went down to Anderson, Indiana. It is just about an hour south! So not too far. Which I am happy about. She is my bestest friend. :D
Joe's Baptism

Exciting news of the week!!! Joe got baptized!!!! Hurrah for Israel!!! <-- haha. That is something that we say. It was amazing! He was just beaming after it happened. You can tell that he was very happy and excited. And I am too. He has been progressing so quickly recently and it has been amazing to watch. He and his wife are planning to go to the temple next year and get sealed! I definitely want to go with them..maybe we will have to make a trip out of it! He reminds me of Tucker! He is always cracking jokes. We laugh a lot. When he received the gift of the Holy Ghost, he joked that he was going to go to the front and hum during the prayer. And then at the end stand up and say "Hurrah for Israel!!"....and I really could see him do that. But he didn't {thankfully} But he keeps us laughing. Everything went so well. 

Also, yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and Susan got up and bore her testimony! She is not even a member yet! But she bore the sweetest testimony. She was tearing up and just saying how she knew the church is true. She said that we treated her so well at this church and that she has never had that kind of support before. She made me start to cry. She talked about how she gets angry and stomps her feet and yells, and how "the Sister missionaries are always right there with me telling me that 'it is okay, everyone gets mad'. [She] has never had anyone do that before." It was the sweetest thing. She also said that she wanted to get baptized before Christmas. She said at the end, the Bishop and the Stake President grabbed her, and they both had a tear in their eye. It was incredible!! It made my whole day! I love her sooooo much! We see them every day and I have seen such a change in them since the day I met them 6 months ago. They are really changing. Oh man! I just love the people here!!
We also had a miracle with Lavon and her family. We have been trying to set up a time to come and see them recently, but nothing has been working out. So yesterday we decided to stop by. We went inside and I wasn't sure if they were very excited to see us. But we had an amazing lesson with them. We talked about eternal families and how the gospel can bless their family. We met their 2 teenage daughters and are going to start teaching them! :D I am super excited! At the end of the lesson, her husband, Richard, prayed for us. When we asked him, he was very hesitant. But we showed him how to pray. He then informed us that he had never prayed out loud before in his whole life. But he did it for us!!! And it was amazing!!! The spirit was so strong. He was just willing to take that leap of faith. :) Oh was just so amazing.

Miracles just keep happening here in Huntington!! I know that this is the Lord's work. Nothing can happen unless He is involved. Even to all of you back home, you can't do it without our Savior. Rely on Him! He will help you! I am so proud of all you are doing to help the missionaries! But the most you can do is be member missionaries! Invite people to activities! Invite them to church! Don't be ashamed of who you are. This is the gospel. We have to stand up for what we know. We are running out of time. There is no more time to wait.. the Lord is hastening His work for the second coming of our Savior. Get out there and share your testimonies with the world!! :D I love you all!! Keep me in your prayers!
Sister Farr & Sister Ashby, a childhood friend.

Love you!
Sister Farr