Sunday, February 16, 2014

01/07/14-Week 48 [Week 6 of Transfer 8]'s just -12 degrees outside. No big deal. 

Yesterday it was -14 degrees....and we were not allowed to drive because of the snow..nor walk because we would have got frostbite. So we camped out in our little apartment huddled in blankets :) It was great fun! But it feels like forever since I have talked with someone about the gospel! I think I am going to be a super awkward person when I get home. I am not going to know what to talk about.... :) So you will have to bear with me. 

I got a little sick last sadly I spent New Years Eve and New Years Day in bed.....but I am on the mend! {So the pictures of new years...aren't really on new years....but it's okay!!} I got a nasty head cold and so we were in for a few days, but now I just have a few sniffles and a cough once in a while! Horray for medicine! I am just making sure that I am careful with the cold so that I don't get sick again. But no need to worry, Heavenly Father will take care of me :) 

Our investigators Lavon and Richard are still doing wonderful! They came to a church tour on Saturday and it was incredible! When they walked in they said that they both could just "feel it". Richard said he felt lighter and Lavon said she just felt more calm and at peace. It was so amazing! They loved it. Then before we went into the chapel, we told them that it was extra special and to pay attention to how they felt. When they walked in, Lavon said she got the butterflies and Richard had a "cold chill" on the back of his neck. They are just loving every minute! I love them so much. When we asked how the Book of Mormon reading had been going, they said that it was good and that they were already to almost chapter 8! Richard had questions about why Nephi had to kill Laban, but they liked what they had read. Then Richard said the closing prayer for us! It was the sweetest prayer. He knew that church might be cancelled on Sunday but he prayed that church would be not cancelled so that him and his family could come and make this change in their life. On Sunday morning the storm was setting in and church was almost cancelled, but they just had sacrament meeting. We took them breakfast before and they were all up and ready to go. They said that nothing was going to stop them from coming! Not even the blizzard. When they came, you could just tell that they loved it! They were smiling and it was just wonderful! I am so excited for their family. They are truly prepared and ready for the gospel! 

I know that we were supposed to have 2 baptisms on Saturday, but because of the big storm that came through, it was moved. So, this weekend we are supposed to have Jonathon and Zachariah get baptized! The only thing that would hold them back would be the weather again. Their grandfather is supposed to baptize them, but is coming up from Missouri, so it makes it kind of difficult. But they are so excited! They are praying more and reading in the picture Book of Mormon that we gave them. It is so sweet! We are very happy for their family. 

Our Mission President had us do something with our patriarchal blessings that I really enjoyed and thought I would suggest to you all! He had us go through our patriarchal blessings and make a couple of lists: "I am...", "I will...."  and " I won't...". It was really cool to do that! I learned a lot about myself and a lot about what I will do in my life and reminded myself of what I won't do. I think it would be a really good activity for all of you to take the time to do. 

I wish I had more time to email today, but I have to make it short because we are taking time out of our normal day to do this. But I love you all!!! :D 

Sister Emilee Farr

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