Sunday, February 16, 2014

12/16/13-Week 45 [Week 3 of Transfer 8]

Huntington covered in snow.
Hi Family,

It has been so much fun today on email!! Lots of people have been online! :) Yay!! It makes me so happy to be able to talk to all of you! But...I am also more limited on time to email all of you this sorry if it is short! I am doing well! It is getting really chilly here. We had a huge snow storm last week and there is snow all over the place! The little town here doesn't really know how to plow their roads too we just have fun driving in it! But no worries, Dad taught me how to drive in the snow, so I will be all good. We are careful, but it is quite adventurous!

Let see...this week has been great! We are supposed to have 2 people get baptized  this coming Saturday! Wayne and Susan. We are stoked! Wayne has been investigating for about 8 months and finally received an answer about Joseph Smith and President Monson. In our last lesson, we went in not knowing what we were going to do. I just knew that we had to help him overcome his concern with not knowing if the Prophets were real. So we showed him President Monson's talk from the October 2012 conference and it went really well! Afterwards we asked him some questions, and he told us that he felt that he was a prophet. Then we were talking about Joseph Smith and he had prayed more specifically about him in-between our visits and he said that he felt he was a prophet. So we asked him what he was going to do now that he had this knowledge. He said he was going to keep studying and such, but we emphasized that faith is an action word. So we had him pray about baptism on the 21st with us and afterwards he told us that he felt the Lord was telling him to move forward. So he committed to the 21st for baptism! It was a miracle! We are so excited for him. We hope it all works out. If it doesn't happen this week, it will be the next week!

Then, Susan's biggest hold up was her probation. She has been on probation for about a little under a year. But she recently got off. She was supposed to quit smoking yesterday (we will be checking up on that today) and other than that she should be good to go! It has been something that we have been waiting for a long time to happen. It will be amazing!
Please keep them in your prayers!! They need lots of extra support and prayers. The devil is working hard on them and will work even harder in these next few days!

Other than that things are going well! We found a few new people to teach this week. One was actually pretty cool! I was on exchanges with Sister Colton and we were walking around in 10 degree weather just freezing. No one was outside, and no one was answering their doors. So we walked up and down some streets and decided to go back to our car to say a prayer. As we sat down, Sister Colton looked in the rear-view mirror and saw someone walking towards us. So we decided to wait in the car until they were closer and then get out and start talking to them. As they approached, we got out and started a conversation. It was really cool! We had an amazing talk with her (for 45 min) and are going to go back and talk to her some more! She was really sweet and friendly. Although my chin was frozen to the point where I couldn't quite talk was so worth it! [it literally felt like trying to talk when your mouth is numb from the dentist..hahaha].
I love this work! I love the privilege I have to represent our Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that He lives. I know that He hears our prayers and loves us more than we even understand. I couldn't do this without Him. He supports me and lifts me when I can't do it anymore. He has been there to hear my cries and wipe my tears. I know that He will do anything He can to support us and strengthen us. As long as we call out to Him, He will be there. This is the true church. There is no doubt in my mind. Each morning when I study, the Spirit teaches me more and more. It all just makes sense! If you ever have a doubt, go to God. He will answer it for you!! He has the ways and the answers. He loves you! And I love you!! Have a wonderful week!!!!! I will talk to you all soon!!! :D :D

12 Days of Christmas

Love, Sister Farr

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