Sunday, February 16, 2014

12/23/13-Week 46 [Week 4 of Transfer 8]

Hi Family!


So Sister Ison and I decided that if someone didn't know what Missionaries did and they saw our apartment..they would think we were creepers!! Or stockers.... You see, we had our landlord and an electrician come over this morning to make sure everything in our apartment was working well. And we started to think about all of the weird stuff we have in our apartment.
For example: pictures of the Prophet and 12 apostles [to them it would look like random old guys on our wall]. Our map of the area with members and investigators on it [to them it would look like a hit list or a stocker list]. A miniature Book of Mormon at the top of our Christmas tree [to them they may think we worship the Book of Mormon"].....and so on. Oh man..the things they probably thought. 

We didn't have any baptisms last week, some things came up. But we are hoping for 2 this weekend!! Keep them in your prayers :)

This past week we had a Christmas conference and it was lots of fun! They had a variety show where they had 9 different random skits and they called different people up to do them. It was so funny. They had Missionaries dancing and singing and telling jokes and reading and just doing silly things. It was so funny. We were all laughing so hard. Then they had a more spiritual presentation. They focused it on the life of Christ and had musical numbers and slides. It was beautiful! Another sister {Sister Rolfe} and I sang a duet of "Come Follow Me." It was kind of scary, but it went over good :) I felt the spirit so strong. It confirmed to me over and over again that Jesus is the Christ and He is our Savior. He died for us and He loves us. And because of Him, all things are possible. I can't imagine all that He had to go through. These past couple of weeks, as a mission, we have been studying the Atonement. I have learned so many things about our Savior! But one of the biggest things that I have learned is that the Savior had power over death. Because He was the literal son of God, He had powers of immortality. Therefore, He could have lived forever. No one could take His life from Him. He had to voluntarily give it up. I think of how hard it was to die for us, but it must have been harder to live for us. At any moment during the Atonement He could have ended His life. He could have said He was done and stopped it all. But even through the hardest and most difficult times of pain, He kept living. He lived through all of the pain and suffering. He chose to end His life when He was upon the Cross. It amazes me to come to understand more and more about what our Savior actually went through. He has done so much for us. I am so grateful for Him and His example and life. Remember Him through this time and season. It is all about Him. I am so grateful that I can represent Him during this time of year. It is the only time in my life that I will be able to do it. 

I don't have much time left!!! But I love all of you :) :) I will talk to you on Wednesday!! I will be calling at 3:00 MY TIME and 1:00pm YOUR TIME I can't wait!!! I LOVE YOU ALL :) :)


Love, Sister Farr

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