Sunday, February 16, 2014

01/13/14-Week 49 [Week 1 of Transfer 9] "Woah."

Heeelllo :)

This week has been.......all over the place!!

First you all heard about the crazy snow storm and freezing-ness on Monday, so we were stuck inside. Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty good. But then on Thursday....everything.....exploded..... :) hahaha.
Thursday were transfers (oh! P.S. I am STAYING in Huntington, Indiana...yes I will spend 9 months here...yes that is half of my mission :D) anyways, so it was transfer day and we did lots of service in the morning. (actually we held snakes at the Bowers big deal). Then at about 2:00 we get a call from the Zone Leaders asking us if we had heard the news....we didn't know what they were talking about. So they informed us that we were getting another set of sisters in our ward here in Huntington...and that they were living with us.... So we kind of panicked and had to run around our apartment to figure out how we were going to fit 2 more missionaries in there. It was CRAZY! We also had to split the area. So now we have 3.5 missionaries in our ward. (0.5 because there are some missionaries that cover part of our ward and part of the ward up in Columbia City) It is insane! Then we learned that we are also STL's over the Fort Wayne zone too. Which means that we are over 6 sets of sisters. So we will be gone on exchanges for 2 days every week. It will be......yeah....crazy. 

Then on Friday we had Mission Leadership Council...and Thursday night at 8:30 the Assistants called us and asked us to give a 30 minute training on teaching families. So, while we were driving to Muncie to sleep over with some other sisters on our way to Cincinnati, we prepared our training. Then on Friday morning, we woke up at 4:30am and I drove us to Cincinnati for our big meeting. On the way, we lost our gas card and so I had to use my personal card to get gas for us. At the beginning of the meeting, one of the AP's came down and told me that the Mission President wanted to talk to me in his office. So I went up there and he had me, all of the AP's and sister Porter in there. Then he said "Okay, we have to raise the bar this time. We have to help them raise the bar for their missionaries." (<-- speaking of the ZL's and other STL's) And we knelt down and said a prayer. It was crazy. So Sister Ison and I trained all of the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders....(ahhhhhhhh!!!!). It was seriously crazy. I felt like a sister assistant. It was crazy. I don't even know what was happening. We were so exhausted all day. When we got to Muncie, we were pooped. 

On Saturday we had our baptism!!! :D But the morning was crazy. We had lots of planning and had to help the other sisters. (it feels like I am opening an area all over again with them is crazy). But the baptism went really well! A lot of people came and the spirit was so strong!! I loved it! :D They were so excited! 

Sunday was AMAZING!! We had some incredible talks. They were mostly about how we needed to "step it up" and keep our standards high. They talked about how we needed to stop making excuses for not doing things. Something that Sister Gradeless said really hit me. She said, "When Jesus comes again, will all of our excuses really matter?" I never thought of it that way. All too often we make excuses for not doing things. We ALWAYS have an excuse. But really, when it all comes down to it, our excuses really won't matter. We just need to get up and do it. We need to change ourselves and become who Christ and Heavenly Father know we can be. We have to hold to the rod. Not just dance our fingers on top of it. We live in a world where everyone around us is changing their standards and lowering them to accommodate for the world. But we can't! We have to stay strong. We will become less and less like the world. But that is what being "Saints" is all about. We are "set-apart". I just left so pumped up after that meeting. It was incredible! 
After church we had lots of meetings and paperwork to get done. And then Sister Fox (one of the other sisters) locked the keys in the we were all stranded :) hahaha. But luckily our landlord happened to be driving by and was able to stop and unlock it (MIRACLE!!)

BUSY schedule
All in all,

this week has been good, but just all over the place! I am excited for a new week! I love you all and think of you often :) Thank you for your prayers and encouragement! I need all of it! I love you so much! Keep being amazing and doing the little things. They really do matter! Have a wonderful week!!

Sister Farr

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