Thursday, December 5, 2013

11/25/13-Week 42 [Week 6 of Transfer 7]

This week has flown by...but also been slow. The anticipation for transfers was awful! It was nerve racking. Sister Corbridge and I stressed all weekend. But here is the news:

I am......staying...again....:) I have been in Huntington for 6 months now..and I will be here for another month and a half at least! Crazy right? I think it is!! I don't know if I will ever leave. I was preparing to leave and everything. But nope! Sister Corbridge is leaving. And I am staying. I guess we will see what happens!

So continue to mail to:
Sister Emilee Farr
337 William St #1
Huntington, IN 46750

This week we had fun raking leaves! We went to Katelyn and Zackery Lane's house and raked for an hour and a half. And it was THE BEST! I have never legitimately jumped in a pile of leaves...but we got to :) And I got action shots of all of us!! It was great! I love jumping in leaves I have decided. It is tons of fun. And of course, the Lane kids are adorable! Their family is still working to go to the temple next spring! They are hoping for March. Oh man. I am so excited for them! But we have so much fun together.

Let's see... I feel like I don't have a lot to talk about this week. Sorry if it is a short email. 

Joe is still headed for his baptism on November 30th! We are sooo happy! He had his interview yesterday, and it went smoothly. Everything is a go for this saturday! I am really happy that I will be here for it. Sister Corbridge and I feel like we were sent here specifically for him. We were meant to teach him and teach him specifically. It has been wonderful watching him progress in the gospel. And next week, he will be a member! Horray! He even drove us to stake conference this weekend {which by the way was amazing} and then after took us to him Mom's house for lunch to meet her. It was really great! I will have to bring you all back to meet him!!

Stake Conference was really good this weekend! For the adult session, we {the missionaries} did some musical numbers. When it all started, President Sorenson was speaking and in the middle of his talk, the pianist started to play "Called To Serve" And all of the missionaries in the stake walked in from the sides singing it. It was powerful!! Ah. I love being a missionary and representing the Lord Jesus Christ. Then in the middle of the conference we sang "Hark, All Ye Nations" and it was really good. I am starting to realize more and more how special it is to be set apart as a missionary. I have to strive to represent my Savior in all that I do. 

A quick update on the other investigators :) Shelby is doing well! Someone quit again at her Sundays are looking rough again for her.. We are praying really hard that she will find people to take her shifts so that she can come to church! I know that the Lord will provide a way. Wayne accepted a baptismal date of December 21st!!! :D :D We told him to think of it as a gift to Christ for his birthday :) We are really excited for that! Keep them in your prayers. Sherry is progressing again and thinking of Baptism on December 28th! Bah! If all three of them keep following through and working hard, we could have 3 baptisms in a row!! :D It will be a VERY white Christmas! Horray!! I am so excited for all of the work that is happening here. And we have more that are so close to being on date! 

Thank you all for your prayers and support! I really need it. I have had my rough times, and all of the prayers really do lift me up. This church is true. I know it with every feeling of my heart. This is Jesus Christ's church on the earth. We have the authority. We have the fullness. We have all that we need to return back to live with our Father in Heaven. Keep doing the little things. They make all of the difference! I love you all :D

Love, Sister Farr

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