Sunday, February 16, 2014

01/20/14-Week 50! [Week 2 of Transfer 9] "Stress...fries...and the Priesthood :)"

hahah hi.

This week has been stressful to say the least. And thus, Sister Ison and I have made a lot of fries....... and eaten a little bit too much food........ So today at the store we got a bunch of rabbit food. Peas, carrots, broccoli, oranges, bananas...that stuff. But hopefully it will help! And help me lose some weight. But! We have also been doing a crazy workout. I have been so sore I can barely move. But I am getting used to it now. I am determined to look the same when I come home! :)

Anyways....what happened this week? Well, we had Zone Meeting and that was incredible! It honestly was one of the most spiritual zone meetings I have ever been to. Sister Ison and I trained the missionaries about extending baptisms to our investigators. And it went really well! They all really improved! It went from 4 extensions total to 20 extensions total! We were excited. But at the end of the meeting, they had a testimony meeting and it was beautiful. The Spirit was so strong. Sister Ison and I both bore our testimonies and it was incredible. I am so grateful for this gospel and our Father in Heaven. This week has been full of miracles even though it has been hard. 

I had such a testimony builder of the Priesthood. Sister Ison has been going through a hard time recently and we have talked a lot about it. I have given her suggestions and she has studied and prayed a lot. But this past Monday, I had the idea to have her get a blessing. We asked the Elders to do it, and so they gave her a blessing that evening. And it was incredible. It was completely lead by the spirit. The things that the Elders said were directly from Heaven. They said things that I know only God knew. I cried through the whole thing, Sister Ison cried through the whole thing. It was just amazing. My testimony of the Priesthood has just exploded. I know that it is real. There is no way that the Elders would have just guessed at those things. I am so grateful for the blessing we have to know of the Priesthood and be able to use it. Never be afraid or shy to ask for a blessing. They can do miracles! :)

We went on 2 exchanges this week and saw many miracles! In one exchange, we found 3 new investigators in 1 day! It was amazing! I know that Heavenly Father has really been strengthening me with our new calling. I could not be able to do this without His strength. I call on Him every day. Multiple times a day. I need Him literally every hour. I just love this gospel. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to share this with others.

Lavon and Richard want to be baptized! We are so excited. In our lesson, Richard was telling us how much he appreciated everything that we had done for him and his family. He even started to tear up. It was so sweet. The Spirit is always so strong when we teach them. We are hoping that their daughters will get more involved! They are a very special family.

Also, break through with Wayne!! He has never given us a straight answer about baptism. He has always said that he wants to study more, but at our lesson, the Spirit was so strong! And we asked him if he felt like the spirit was telling him if he should be baptized.. and he said "Yes" WHAT?? That is awesome!! We were so excited. We committed him to pick out a date for baptism. We are so excited for him. Keep including him in your prayers!!

I am sorry that the letter is short this week. We are kind of pressed for time. I love you all so much! I am so grateful for all that you do for me! I feel the strength of your prayers and the love you send me! I LOVE YOU :D 

Sister Farr

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