Sunday, February 16, 2014

02/10/14-Week 53. [Week 5 of Transfer 9] "PBJ"


Sister Ison showed me a pretty funny song this week...It is the Peanut Butter and Jelly song. The part I love is this:

           "I'm Peanut Butter, and you are Jelly, and we're so happy on our little piece of bread!" 

It just makes me happy...I don't know why. hahaha. You start to get easily entertained as a missionary because you don't have much time to find entertainment. 

Here is a funny tender mercy from Heavenly Father this week. It shows that He does know us, and He has a sense of humor. I have been craving baked beans for quite a while (<--I get cravings a lot...). And since I go on lots of exchanges, I have been asking the sisters if they have any. To my happy surprise, when I was in Fort Wayne on an exchange with Sister Montrose, I was eating breakfast and I saw a box with baked beans on it.....and there were cans inside! Horray!! So we had baked beans for lunch :) Heavenly Father does care about the insignificant things in our lives. Even though I never said a prayer asking for baked beans, He knew that it would make me smile and brighten my day. It is truly amazing how He has time to pay attention to the little details in our lives such as wanting Baked Beans. 

Making Modge-Podge Ornaments
But on a more serious note, this week I was on exchanges in Peru, Indiana with Sister Lewis. And we had a true miracle! We were doing some volunteering at a rest home helping the cute old ladies make some modge-podge ornaments. Then we went and were talking with one of the ladies they are teaching. As we were walking back to our car, there was a maintenance man standing in the hallway. As we passed him, he stopped us and asked if we were from a church. We told him yes and explained what church we were from. We talked with him after that for a good 30 minutes. He told us how God had changed his life and how people had been randomly telling him that God was going to bless him soon. I was just beaming from ear to ear because I knew exactly what God was going to bless him with!!! THIS GOSPEL!! :D It is the greatest blessing you could receive in your whole life. As we talked, I told him that it was no coincidence that we met him that day. We set up a return appointment. It was an amazing experience! I have never had anyone stop ME before. We always have to stop them. Although he is not in my area, I am so excited for him! I hope he continues to learn and recognizes that this is what God is blessing him with. Heavenly Father is so amazing.  This is truly His work. 

Also, Wayne is still planning to get baptized this Saturday!!! Horray!!! :D :D He came to chruch yesterday, despite the snow. :) And afterwards he had a meeting with the Bishop. His 15 min appointment turned into 45 minutes. He came out beaming. I am so happy for him. He had a really great experience! He loved the High Priest group and people were surrounding him after church just talking with him. It made us so happy. I never realized how important fellowshipping is. If there is one thing you can do for the missionaries, it is to be the friend of the people they bring to church. Notice them. If they don't come one week, call them up, stop by. Just like you would with one of your friends. They need your support! Not just the missionaries. Otherwise, they will be baptized into inactivity. 

I love this gospel!! This work is amazing. I am so grateful for the privilege I have of serving my Father in Heaven. It is wonderful to be a part of the hastening of His work as a full-time missionary. All of us are involved. We all should be sharing this wonderful message with others. I love you all!! Thank you for all you do!!!

Sister Farr

Looking good in my new blouse.

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