Monday, April 28, 2014

04/21/14- Week 62! {Week 3 of Transfer 11}

Hey there.... :)
I am kind of tired today and a little out of it so hopefully I make logical sense when I write this.. haha. It is a good thing it is P-Day and I can get a nap. Exercise in the morning has been a challenge for Sister Parker and I. It has consisted of a bit of groaning and moping, but we get it done :) Anyways...........HAPPY EASTER........yesterday :) It was an amazing day. We had Stake Conference here in Indiana and Elder Snow from the Quorom of the 70 came to visit us. He had the spirit with him so strongly. It was an amazing conference. We had 6 people who made it! We had the whole less-active family clan with their investigator girl-friends and all. It was great! Then we had another girl come who we met the other week outside. It is truly amazing! We have been praying not only to find new investigators, but to find the find those people who are going to progress and keep their commitments. He truly has been blessing us.

I remembered that Easter last year was when I got my first investigator on date to be baptized :) Sister Bobbi Hodge! I am so grateful for all of the amazing experiences I have had :) But this Easter wasn't quite the same...We were at a part-member families home last night to have some Easter Dinner with them. The mom has Diabetes and was acting really hyper and things during dinner and the lesson. But towards the end of the lesson, she started to get delusional. She tested her blood-sugar and it was almost 600 (normal is around 100-200). She looked really sick and drained and dizzy. She was totally incoherent. The good thing though was that another set of missionaries were there, and one of them has Diabetes, so he knew exactly what she needed. He tested her blood-sugar level and we got on the go. The Elders immediately gave her a blessing (I love the Priesthood!!) But they had to go to another place to get her insulin and in the mean time we stayed with her. She was really sick and we were scared she was going to go into a coma. We were talking to the Elders most of the time asking them what we should do. We had to keep her awake so we were trying to make her talk and giving her water. It was a scary time. The Elders got back just in time to get her some medicine. By the end of the night she was back to normal and feeling fine. But let's just say I was a worried wreck. When I have kids...I am gonna be a little crazy! Hopefully I get over that :) haha. But I know that it was truly a miracle how things worked out. God is real. He loves us and He is aware of us. I am so grateful for that knowledge! I don't know what I would do without Him.
Other than that our week was pretty good! We had some neat lessons with our investigators and saw miracles of finding people to teach! The cute Hanshew family is doing amazing! Yesterday before Stake Conference, they had a meeting for the Recent Converts in the stake and they came. It was so neat to see them sitting there with all of the other converts and they were just beaming. I am so happy for them! I have seen their lives change. I have seen happiness just flood into their hearts. Sister Hanshew said it is something that she can't just have to experience it. Oh my goodness..I just love that family! Next year they can be sealed in the temple! :D YAYA!!! Oh talking about sealing, the Lane family from Huntington ward is going to be going to the temple in June or July to get sealed! They are the cute little kids that we taught and their parents. Brother Lane received the Melchizedek Priesthood yesterday! They sustained him and everything. I was just beaming. I am so excited to see these families progress in the gospel. They are staying strong and doing so well! If I was only able to teach one family that was able to stay in the gospel, it would be worth it. Their eternities have changed!! It is so amazing :D Oh my goodness. I also got to see Brother Johnson from Huntington who was baptized last December. He is still doing wonderful! His same funny self. Oh man. It was so great to see so many people from the Huntington ward. It was like seeing family all over again! I felt like I was home. I do miss those sweet people. It let me know that they did remember me and appreciate me as a person. So wonderful :)
We have two investigators who are set for baptism on May 31st! We committed them this week and are going to start preparing them for that. They have some things to overcome in their lives, but I know that with the Savior's help all things are possible. This is His church and His gospel! We are just little instruments in His hands.
I am sorry I don't have more to write.. I am out of time though. I love you all! I am so grateful for this gospel! It can and will change you if you let it. This is a gospel of hope in the crazy world we live in today. Remember that it is only going to get harder to be a member of the church. Think of President Holland in conference. We have to be willing to live this gospel to the fullest. No cutting corners. If we have questions or doubts, we need to find the answers. Satan is smart. He is gaining power and experience each day. But with God in our life, we can defeat him. No matter what. Make sure you do the little things. They are what keep us on the straight and narrow. And that is the only place we want to be!! Learn to love. Love the people you are around. No matter what they may be like or say. They are our family. They have the potential to be like God just like we do. We have to care for them. I love this gospel. It is the truth. The Savior did die for us. He loves us and He will ALWAYS be there for us. I am so grateful for His sacrifice and all he has done for me. We have the truth and we must bring it to the world. Because only this gospel can save it. Oh I love you all!! I hope you have a wonderful week!!!
All my love, 
Sister Emilee Farr

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