Thursday, April 10, 2014

03/03/14-Week 56 {Week 2 of Transfer 10}

Hi there :)
I am trying to even remember what happened last week. Let me pull out my planner....We have done lots of finding!!! We found 7 new people to teach this week :) A lot of them have been through trying to find out who "unknown" members are who haven't been to church in a long time. We find their house and either it is a part member family, or someone else has moved in. We have just seen so many, many miracles! There are wonderful things happening in New Haven and I just LOVE being here! Sister Parker and I have had so much fun. She is so sweet and helpful with everything. We are so similar and really can relate to each other. I love it :D
But we had a wonderful miracle with the Hanshew family! So when we first met them...2 weeks ago ish....we asked Sister and Brother Hanshew to pray about being baptized on March 29th. Since then, we have had quite a few powerful lessons with them. The first lesson, Sister Hanshew got a blessing of peace and healing. The spirit was so very strong. She said that she had never felt the Spirit with the missionaries before. And Sister Parker and I were determined to change that pattern!! Then we had a really neat lesson with her this week about the Book of Mormon. We did something that I call a "Book of Mormon experience".- - - you all should try it too - - - It is something that we teach our investigators to do so that they can learn how to gain revelation from the Book of Mormon and not just read it to read it. So we had her think of a question that she needed answers to....about anything! When she picked out her question, we had her say a prayer and ask God to answer the question that she needed answers to. Then we had her open the Book of Mormon to a random page and start to read. We all turned there with her. As we read, the Spirit came into the room. It was such a sweet and peaceful feeling. We sat there and had her search for her answer after she had read 10 or so verses. But it didn't take her long. She just said, "wow. There it is.." It was so neat. It answered her question directly. When we opened the Book of Mormon to where she had chosen, I was a little bit nervous at first. I wasn't sure that it would be what she needed, but it was exactly what she needed. And the spirit really testified. It was powerful! It was then that she really started to read the Book of Mormon. She would read it when she was eating, or waiting for something. Then Sister Parker and I have started to call them every evening at 7pm to have family prayer with them over the phone. All of this combined really brought the Spirit into the home and into their lives. The other night, the Elders went over there for dinner and as they ate, Sister Hanshew brought up how she was praying about a baptismal date. And she said that she was going to get baptized on March 29th. She wanted to be a Mormon. She knew it was true and it felt right. Then she turned to her husband and asked him if he was going to do it too and he said yes! How amazing!!!! :D :D The Elders called us right afterwards so excited. They told us the wonderful news and Sister Parker and I were just beaming with happiness. We are so excited for them! They want it and they are ready to be baptized. Continue to keep them in your prayers!!
Then we had a neat experience with our investigator, Sherri. We just stopped in one day and she had 2 other friends over. We started to talk to her and all of them. As we continued to talk, we started to talk about the Book of Mormon and the restoration a little bit. Her friends, Myrtle and Henry, started to listen quite intently. As we talked more, Henry brought up some concerns that he had with our church. He had heard some anti and had some misconceptions of what we believe. As we talked through them and cleared up the confusion he had, they continued to listen more and more. At the end of our visit, we asked them if they would like to come to church, and they said they would! We then proceeded to talk about baptism and asked them if they came to know that this church was true if they each would be baptized. and all three of them said yes. (!!!) how amazing is that?? The power of the spirit is amazing. The way the Lord can soften the hearts of people amazes me every time. Last night we had another lesson with Myrtle and it was so powerful. We talked more about the Spirit and the restoration of the gospel. In many points the spirit was so strong that she would tear up. I would tear up. The member we brought would tear up. It was just beautiful. I love the power the Spirit brings. It would be useless to try to share this gospel without it. We would just talk and talk, but nothing would ever come of it.
This church is true! It is the Kingdom of God on the earth. It is the only church with the fullness of the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is the only gospel that has God's full plan for us. We know who God is and what He wants for us. He is our Father. He loves us. We have a purpose! I love the spirit I feel each and every time I share the Plan of Salvation. I never fail to have it testified to me over and over that this church is true. If you don't know that yet, pray and ask your Father in Heaven and then search for His answer. Remember, it is seek and you shall find. We have to seek and search. We must do our part. Everything doesn't just get handed to us. We have to work for it. I have worked very hard the past 13 months to come to know more about this gospel. And I have come to know it is true. Oh goodness :) I just love it!! :D And I love you all too! So very much. Thank you for your prayers and support.
Sister Emilee Farr
p.s. I repented and brought my cord to send pictures, but now my cord isn't working! So...I may have to buy a new one. I am sorry! I will do better. I promise :)

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