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02/24/14-Week 55 {Week 1 of Transfer 10} "Korean, Tobacco, Garage..."

Hello :) :) :)
It has just been a wonderful week! I have some news! I have been transferred! To....drum roll.............New Haven, Indiana! It is just about 45 minutes north of Huntington. I am still in the same stake :) I guess I will just stay in good old Indiana!! :D Here is my new address:

Sister Emilee Farr
860 State Road 930 East #82
New Haven, Indiana 46774
My new companion is Sister April Parker. She is from Oxford, Idaho and the 4th of 9 kids. She is so sweet and adorable! She is a powerful missionary too! We are the STL's here in our zone. We are over just 2 other sets of sisters (that is a big change from last transfer). It has just been so great to be Sister Parker's companion. We got doubled into our area into an area that just had elders. Let's just say the apartment was a little dirty.....ya know, mold in the bathroom, trash in boxes all over, dirty dishes in the sink, un-vacuumed.... I don't know how Elders can live like that. haha. It opened my eyes a little bit! Sister Parker and I had to spend quite a while cleaning our apartment the next few days. But now we have a cute little home that we love. We even have a real piano in our apartment!! So during some breaks I play some songs from memory. It is great!

It has been a week full of laughter. Sister Parker and I have just had so many awkward missionary experiences. Here are a few:
-We were tracting at an apartment complex and decided to knock on two doors at once to make it interesting. After we knocked I said "What if they both answer??" She said "I don't  know..." One door opened and we started to talk to the guy, and then sure enough the next door opened and a lady came out. So Sister Parker jumped over and started talking to her, while I talked to him. It was suuuuuuuper awkward and funny. He said "Did you knock on my door...?" I said, "Yeah, we knocked on both!" He looked so confused. hahaha. It was just great.
-We changed our GPS voice to a Korean woman. And when ever it says to turn left it says "chow Asian!" when it said to turn right it says "ooo raisin" It cracks us up. (we are easily entertained....)
-We walked all over downtown Fort Wayne trying to find a map of our area. Finally people directed us to Regiels which is a tobacco and smoke shop to get some maps...that was a little interesting....I came out with a headache!!
-We were knocking on some neighbors door to a LA and we walked up to the front door and there was a sign that said to use the back door. So we walked around the house and saw a door in a garage that was open and it looked like it had a doorbell. So we went inside and pushed on the door bell. turned out not to be a doorbell...the garage door started to close.....hahaha!!! Sister Parker and I were kind of freaking out and saying "no! no! no! stop! no!" it was funny. We pushed it again and the door opened. Then we opened the screen door to knock, and the other door opened because of the pressure change. We looked in to see a little boy on a computer watching a talking cat video. He slowly turned around and came over. We asked if his mom was there and he wouldn't respond. But we asked again and he said no. We asked if his dad was there and he said yes. We asked if he would get him and he said no. Then he told us to come in and we said to get his dad. Eventually after asking him numerous times to go and get an adult and him refusing, he just walked back to the computer and watched his video. So we awkwardly walked outside of their garage and laughed for a few minutes after that :)
-We were talking to this man walking outside and asked him if we could come over sometime and talk to him about Jesus. He opened up his arms and said "you can come into my bedroom anytime.." Sister Parker said "That would be highly inappropriate!" And he looked away ashamed and said "I know." <- missionary smack down! It was super awkward though.
-Our GPS stopped working at about 9 at night one day and we were lost. We ended up calling our District Leader and asking him to help us find our way back home. It was great fun. We were all doubled in (us and the elders) so we were all just lost. But we made it home in one piece! :) It was so much fun.
In the past couple of days we have seen miracles here too! We found a new lady to teach outside when we were taking our loads of trash to the dumpster. She stopped us and asked if we were from a church. We talked with her and she told us how she wanted to change her life. She had been drinking and she knew that she needed to do better. We talked with her for a while and it was really good. She was crying and hugged us. It was a miracle that Heavenly Father gave us right in our apartment complex! :) We ended up meeting her mom too and are teaching her!
We picked up a family that the Elders were teaching here before. The first time we met Sister Hanshew, she told us that she wanted to know more about the church. She said that she was trying to decided on baptism, but she didn't know enough to make her decision. She told us that she has never felt the spirit with the missionaries before. Well, Sister Parker and I thought that we better change that! As we talked with her she started to mention how things in their family were hard and that she needed more peace. We ended up offering her to get a blessing. The Elders came over and gave her a powerful blessing. Afterwards we asked her how she felt and she explained that she had felt the Spirit. She felt calm and peaceful. We testified that it was the Spirit. It was such a neat experience! 

It has been wonderful! I love my new area, the ward, my companion. I am so excited to work here. I am excited for the challenges that lie ahead and the miracles we will see. I know I have so much to learn and become. Sister Parker has taught me so much already. :) This church is incredible. Each time that I teach someone the Restoration or the Plan of Salvation, my testimony grows stronger. This church does have all of the answers. We hold the truth. We have what everyone needs to fill the gaps that are in their souls. Only through this gospel can they truly be healed. Only through this gospel can they fully access the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I just love this gospel! :D :D 

I love you all so so much! :D
Sister Emilee Farr
p.s. I forgot my cord to send I will have to send you pictures next week. Sorry!! 

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