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03/31/14-Week 59 {Week 5 of Transfer 10} "Hanshew!!"

Hi :)
This week was a crazy one...but we made it! We had a total of 30 lessons that we taught. (They want us to teach 20 lessons a week. So we exceeded it!) It was a lot of work though. We also got our transfer calls this week. I will be staying here in New Haven with Sister Parker :) So no address change or anything. Keep sending things to:
860 State Road 930 E #82
New Haven, IN 46774

Thank you for all of your support! I love you all so much :) The Hanshew family got baptized on Saturday!!! It was absolutely amazing. Sister Parker and I felt like we were little chickens running around with our heads cut off to get everything done, but it all worked out. We didn't get a picture with them until after their baptism, but it is okay. They were just beaming. Sister Hanshew had to be baptized 2 times because her hair came up, but then it all went smoothly. The spirit was so strong there. There were lots of members and nonmembers there. The spirit was penetrating the air. You could grab it, I swear! I loved it so much. Sister Parker and I gave the talks....which we remembered we were giving as we were handing out the programs. So we just winged it on the spot. Good thing we teach about Baptism and the Holy Ghost a lot! haha :) It was really good though. This ward has been amazing. They are so willing to help and always are asking what they can do for us. I am so grateful for them. The Bishop is trying to help us do the work. The Young Women's president has been having us go out with her to visit the less-active girls in the ward to have them come back. I love the ward involvement! We can't do it without them! I just love them :) I love the area here and the ward here. It was so cute...the day before their baptism, Brother Hanshew asked us if we could go shopping with him to pick out an outfit for his baptism. He is a cute 50 year old guy and didn't know what to get. So Sister Parker and I met him at Kohl's on our lunch break and picked out his shirt and tie. It was lots of fun! :)  [the picture is of Brother and Sister Hanshew and their daughter].
We found a couple more new investigators. One of them is an 18 year old named Noah. We caught him walking inside after coming home from school. He had a boy scout shirt with him so we started asking him about that. It lead from that to the church he went to and then into the Book of Mormon. It was really neat. We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and he wants to read it. He is really open. I have found so often on my mission that the youth are the ones that are the most open. Once they grow up, they get more of the worlds view drilled into them. But so often it is the younger generation that is learning and accepting the gospel. I am so grateful for the gospel in my life. It really has changed me.

We went into the combined YM/YW Sunday school class yesterday and bore our testimonies to them. We want to work closely with some of the youth in our ward. They need extra support! But the Bishop came in and talked about the Atonement. He brought up a point about light and it's properties. He said that light moves at about 186,282 miles/second. suuuuper fast. He asked, "if you were going 186,281 miles/second, would light only be passing you at 1 mile/second?" All of us figured yes because that is normally how it would work. But the answer is no. One of the special properties of light is that no matter how fast you are going, light will always pass you at 186,282 miles/second. So you can never catch up to it. Then he related that to the gospel and how Jesus Christ is compared to being the 'Light of the World'. We will never be able to catch up to Him. No matter how fast or how hard we try. That is why Jesus had to come and die for us. That is the only way that we can catch up. I just thought it was so interesting that before we even knew all of these laws of physics about light, Jesus Christ compared himself to being the light of the world. Obviously He knew the properties of light. The more I learn about science and logic, the more I believe in God. I know that He is there. I know that He loves us and He created us. It is just amazing to think. I hope you could follow my thoughts...I just was having them as he continued to talk.
Yes, I loved the General Women's conference!! Goodness. Just hearing the voices of the leaders of our church makes me want to cry. It is like seeing a long lost friend or talking with my grandpa. I just love it. The theme was definitely love one another. I thought it was perfect!! We really do need to unite together. We have to stop judging and comparing. We are all God's children and He loves us. We need to treat each other that way. I love the leaders of our church. They are simply amazing. They really are led by our Father in Heaven. I am SOOOOO excited for General Conference this week! I can't even tell you! I love General Conference. We get to hear from our Prophet and Apostles....or more specifically our Savior and our Father in Heaven. Because they are the ones that speak to us. Just like it says in D&C 1:38, if it is from the voice of Him or His servants it is the same. We need to take General Conference more seriously. They speak for God. If we knew that God was going to be at a meeting, would we miss it? Wouldn't we do all we could to hear from Him?? Well, that is what General Conference is.
Oh man. I love this gospel. I am grateful to share it. It is definitely hard. People sometimes aren't too happy to have

us at their door or talking to them, but when people accept it and get makes all of the difference!! Keep praying for us! We need all of the help we can get. I love you all!!

Sister Farr

wildlife :D Dad will appreciate the deer. And the Chipmunk was just chillin out in someone's front yard :)

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