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10.28.13-Week 38 [Week 2 of Transfer 7] "Primary!"

Hi everyone!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!

I think that is a pretty cool exclaimation point/I thing. Annnnnnnyways.. the reason why Primary is the topic for this week is because the Primary program was yesterday!!! It was my favorite :) And the best of all was that our cute little recent converts, Katelyn and Zackery, sang in it! As they started to sing "Families Can Be Together Forever," Sister Corbridge and I started to cry. Because they really can! Now their family can go to the temple and get sealed..forever. Their parents went to do Baptisms for the Dead this past Friday and they were just beaming on Sunday. They absolutely loved it! Their family can go to the temple as soon as January! Bah!! I am just so excited and happy for them! 
Alllso, Sister Corbrige and I went into the primary yesterday and taught them about missionary work. And they are just so cute! I miss kids so much. We had a funny object lesson with starbursts and they had a lot of fun. It was so adorable. When we walked in they all whispered "Huh!! It's the missionaries!!" "Missionaries!" It was soooo cute! Oh man. I just can't handle it. Little kids are too adorable. 

But, back to the temple. Saranna was able to go for the first time. I was talking to the Young Women's president yesterday and she said that when she walked in and saw the font, she gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. She got teary-eyed because of the beauty and the spirit. I guess being a member of the church, I never really realized the beauty of the temple. But with her 'baby' spiritual eyes, it was absolutely amazing to her. I wish I could have been there with her. But it was amazing for her. Her mom said that night she came home and just talked and talked and talked about it. Oh man, it makes me soooo happy!! :D :D

We have 2 people on date for November 16th. First is Shelby and the second is Janette. We are so excited! I think I have really told you all about both of them, but they are very excited! Shelby should be able to come to church, now that they have a pet groomer at the dog kennel she works at. And Janette is going to talk with her parents about getting baptized. We are so excited! Although it felt like we didn't have many people moving forward recently, Heavenly Father is blessing us with miracles beyond belief!! There are so many people who are being prepared to hear and accept the gospel! I just love this work.

This week, we found a couple more part-member families to teach. There are 2 sons of a less-active who is coming back to church that we are going to start teaching this week! And a future daughter-in-law of another less-active we are going to start teaching. Heavenly Father just keeps plopping them into our laps!! It is INCREDIBLE! He is just too amazing. I am soo grateful that He is in charge of this work, because I couldn't do anything without Him!!

I had another cool study this week! We had an investigator bring up a concern about Joseph Smith. He was concerned about how much people talk about him. He feels like we put him above Jesus Christ by how much we mention him. He shared that concern with us, and we could tell that it was something that he hasn't shared with many people. So, we went home and prayed all night. The next morning, I started my personal study with a prayer asking Heavenly Father to lead me to an answer for him. And as I studied, Heavenly Father led me to D&C 135:3. It talks about how important Joseph Smith was and is. He has done more, except Jesus Christ, for the salvation of man than any other person who has lived on this earth. That is why we talk about him so much!! He is super important!! He has done more than any other imperfect-mortal man. [obviously we know that Jesus Christ did a million-times more than Joseph Smith] but it was incredible to have Heavenly Father answer my questions and concerns. And I know that He can do that for you. Any question or concern that you have, go to Him in sincere prayer, and then search. He will lead you by His spirit. 

I just love this gospel! I know that it is true. It is the only church that can make Terrestrial men Celestial. Families can be together forever. God loves us and watches over us. Never doubt His ability and power. He can do all things, but it is conditional upon your faith and your asking. 

I love you all so much!! Here are some silly pictures :) At a Sisters 9 month mark, you take a prego picture..haha. I hope you enjoy!!

Cute Companions
Sister Farr


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