Thursday, October 17, 2013

10/14/13-Week 36 [Week 6 of Transfer 6] "CARS!"

Hi there! It has been..adventurous! I just have to say that I am lucky to be alive. You see, this morning Sister Corbridge and I were out walking/running (like we are required to) and a car tried to run us over....
We were walking down a main road and crossing down a side road and there was this car coming straight on the main road. We looked at it and it was going straight, and had no blinker on or indication of slowing down. So, we started to cross the street. Right at that moment, the car turned it's wheel and pushed on the gas to speed up and headed right for us. Sister Corbridge screamed and yelled "we're gonna get hit!" and she jumped out of the way. I yelped and ran back towards the sidewalk, and the car chased after me. I ran as fast as I could. I kept waiting for it to hit my back, but it never did. I finally dodged out of the way, and the car went onto the sidewalk and almost hit a light pole. I will just say that I saw my life flash before my eyes. I thought I was going to get smooshed. The car backed up and they drove down the street without saying anything. Then we see it come back down the main street where we were walking, and it honked at us...but we weren't sure if it was the same car, so we just kept walking quickly back to our apartment. Then a few minutes later, we see it come back the other way. Sister Corbridge and I froze. She said, if he turns, we are running! And sure enough, he turns and starts to flip around. So we book it down an alley way. I felt like mission impossible!! We were running down alley ways, across back yards and hiding behind trees and houses.....adrenaline rush!! I have never been so scared in my life. But we kept going and running back to our apartment. We made it safely home. It was so scary. I honestly feel like Heavenly Father lifted me up or pushed back the car. It was the craziest experience of my life. I am grateful to be protected by Him!! 

THEN as Sister Corbridge and I came to email you all, we locked our keys and phone in the family history center in our church building. We propped open the door, and started to walk towards the restroom. We heard the slow creaking noise of the door coming to a close and it was like slow motion "noooooooooooooo.....!!!" and it shut. We were stranded. Our keys and phone were inside. So, we ran..well, walked...around the church building searching for any phone numbers. We finally found a sign-up sheet with the Kewish's number on it and called them from the phones in the church building. We got the Elders' number and pleaded with them to come and open the door.....50 minutes later we finally got back into the room. Hallelujah! Let's just say it has been a crazy day!!! (right as I wrote this the phone rang again in the church building...creepy. I feel like I'm in a horror movie).

Anyways!!! That has been our crazy day so far. This week has been full of miracles and lots of trials. There have been some challenges with Sister Corbridge with things back home, but she has been so strong! We have laughed our way through the week and have tried to keep our heads up, even when we could have easily given up. But Heavenly Father loves us and helped us along the way. We had a really amazing lesson with our new investigator, Joe. He is the husband of an active member and practically a dry mormon. We had a lesson with him the other week when we had dinner with the Weights, and it was an AMAZING lesson. The spirit was so strong! It was unbelievable. Then we had a lesson with him yesterday. We asked him why he specifically wanted us to teach him the lessons (since he had been taught in the past) and he told us that when we were teaching, we answered the questions that he had without him even asking. He said that he really connected with us and felt the spirit very strongly. It was incredible. We had a lesson with him last night on the restoration and during the part of Joseph Smith's first vision, everyone in the room was in tears. It was amazing. The spirit was SO strong. I loved it!!!! He says that he knows Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true. Oh man! So wonderful :) :) :D

Then! Sherry will be getting baptized on October 26th! Keep her in your prayers. She was sick yesterday, and couldn't make it to church. But she knows that the church is true. She reads the Book of Mormon when she gets stressed and has noticed that it helps her feel calm. She is already living the Word of Wisdom before we even taught it to her! It is crazy! She is amazing. 

This week we also met Ann. And she has a pet squirrel!! How crazy is that?! We saw her outside standing by her tree and talking to it, we walked up and this squirrel was there. It climbed on her shoulder and crawled up and down her back. It was insane! I had never seen a squirrel that close before. She raised it from when it was just a baby..she even fed it every 3 hours. Anyways, she is amazing, and we plan on teaching her more about the restoration. She is really interested and has a very open heart and mind. 

We had 2 exchanges this week. One in Peru, Indiana and one in Fort Wayne, Indiana. So great! I worked with Sister Crosby and Sister Widdison. They are amazing sisters! I love being able to work with so many sisters and help them to lean more about what they can do and become. :) I learn more from them than they learn from me half of the time. I am definitely being stretched and tried, but I know that I am growing from all of it. I am so grateful for all that I am learning. This church is so true!! Bah! Sometimes I can't handle how true it is. 

Well, I love you all! I am working hard. I want to make my Heavenly Father and Savior proud and show them how much I love them. Thank you for all of your prayers! I have been sleeping better and it has been great. This gospel is true. Even if crazy things happen and I want to give up, I know that there is no better work that I would rather be doing at this time. I love it. You are all amazing!!

Sister Farr

UPDATE: Sister Farr and Sister Corbridge were able to speak with their Mission President and file a police report. Because the car had taken it's license plates off, they were only able to give a description. President Porter instructed that they no longer run outside, but instead exercise inside. Sister Farr is doing well, but is understandably shooken up from the incident. Please keep her in your prayers.

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