Thursday, October 17, 2013

10/01/13-Week 35 [Week 5 of Transfer 6] "Exxxxchanges!"

Hello all!!

Katlyn & Zackery's Baptism
It has been a good week! First off, I thank you all for your prayers and support! It helps us sooo much! We had a cute baptism this week :) Katlyn and Zackery Lane were baptized. And they were sooooo happy! It was so sweet and adorable. They were practically jumping out of their seats waiting for all of the talks to be over. Every prayer they told Heavenly Father how excited they were. I just love them! Their baptism went great. They even sang "I am a Child of God" for their musical number with their grandma. It was adorable! I just want to adopt them. Not really...but they are adorable. They are determined to go to the temple in a year to get sealed as a family. That will be a great day for them. 

This week has been full of exchanges! On Tuesday, I was down in Cincinnati, Ohio for a mission leadership council. It was at the mission home and we had lots of training's and discussions. I learned LOTS! I have so much to do. I just have to take it day by day or I get really overwhelmed. But all will be well! I don't know why Heavenly Father wants me as a leader in this mission...but I am just trusting in Him. He knows best. Then on Tuesday-Wednesday I went with Sister Fletcher (the sister assistant pretty much - she is the head STL). We saw lots of miracles! One funny thing that happened, was we were out trying to talk with everyone and we were headed back to our car. Sister Fletcher and I heard some banging from an inside window and it just sounded like a kid whacking a table (we were at an apartment complex). Sister Fletcher said, let's go knock on their door! So as we walked to go inside of the building, we hear "Bon jour!" We saw a little kid standing in a screen window to a balcony and we both look at each other confused and yell back "Bon jour?" Then we hear a lady start talking really quickly in french. We yell back.." We don't speak french!" She stopped talking and said "Oh.." then we yelled back, "Do you speak English ?" we heard a "Yes!" we commented, "where are you?? We can't see you!" Then this lady comes out of the screen door and starts talking in french again. I get out that she wanted to know if we were Jehovah's Witnesses, we explain that we were Mormon and had an interesting conversation with her. Eventually we found out that she is the sister of one of the people Sister Fletcher is teaching. She said she wanted to come to church, and they got a return appointment for the next day. It was pretty hilarious and crazy. Then we had another interesting lesson...we taught a kid while we walked his rottweilers.....let's just say that is an interesting environment to teach someone. There wasn't enough room for all of us to stand next to each other, so we would kind of switch off standing next to him and teaching. I couldn't hear what Sister Fletcher taught him,and she couldn't hear what I taught him. But apparently the spirit helped us because he said he would get baptized if he came to know it was true and they got a return appointment. The Lord works in mysterious ways... :) THEN on Thursday we had an exchange with Sister Colton and her companion Sister Standage. I went up to Fort Wayne/Aboite area with Sister Colton. We interesting day. First of all we gave both of our phones to our companions who went back to we were phone-less. So we had to go to a members house to use their phone and leave them a message of where to meet after the exchange. Then we were talking with everyone that we could see! But we had a frustrating experience with a man we ran into. He was anti..big time. He tried to be sly and hope we didn't notice what he was saying, but we caught on. He was pretty much telling us that he hoped we didn't go to hell and that Jesus would have mercy on us because we seemed like nice girls. He told us that we had a different Jesus and just went off....all with a HUGE smile on his face. But...we weren't dumb and caught on. Anyways, he just kept going and going. He talked about the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, the Godhead, the kingdoms of glory, blacks and the priesthood, polygamy, everything really. And it was interesting because everything that he talked about I knew the answer to. I had already searched it out. So finally after we got to talk for a few seconds, I told him that I had all of the answers to his questions, but he wasn't willing to listen so I wouldn't take the time to explain them. I started to bear my testimony...and he literally laughed at me as I did it. It was one of the hardest and most humiliating moments of my life. I have had plenty of anti-mormon people bash on what I believed, but no one had laughed at me yet. Let's just say we didn't stay too long.  It just reminded me of this part of a talk by Jeffery R Holland:

"When you struggle, when you are rejected, when you are spit   upon and cast out and made a hiss and a byword, you are standing with the best life this world has ever known, the only pure and perfect life ever lived. You have reason to stand tall and be grateful that the Living Son of the Living God knows all about your sorrows and afflictions. The only way to salvation is through Gethsemane and on to Calvary. The only way to eternity is through Him—the Way, the Truth, and the Life."

I just love that talk. I stand with my Savior each and every day. When people reject me, they are really rejecting him. I love standing as a witness of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There is no greater place that I would rather be. 

Then we had an amazing experience on Monday night. We had dinner with the 2nd counselor of the Bishopric and they had a part-member family over for dinner. After dinner we shared the Plan of Salvation. It was SUCH a spritual lesson! The spirit was was so cool. Then at the end of the lesson, the nonmember husband asked US if we would teach him the lessons.(!!) How cool is that? We were kind of in shock. It was great. Amazing things are happening here.

There were many miracles we saw this week! And they just keep coming. We have another investigator, Sherry, getting baptized on October 26th. So keep her in your prayers! I love all of you!! Continue being disciples of Jesus Christ. I love you all!!
Sister Corbridge & Sister Farr

Love, Sister Farr

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