Wednesday, October 2, 2013

09/23/13-Week 33 [Week 3 of Transfer 6]

Hi! How are you?? :D I am good! 

This week has been a week of miracles! We had 14 member presents and I can't believe it. We have been struggling to get over 6 for the past few months, and then all at once Heavenly Father blessed us so much! We have had so many appointments, and we have been having a really hard time getting members involved. But this past week, Sister Corbridge had the idea to do a mass text to the members of the ward with all of our appointments for the next day and ask which ones they could come to. We had a huge response to that! It was really amazing. Our prayers are being answered. I know that Heavenly Father is in charge. He is blessing us beyond what I ever thought possible. I am so grateful to be a part of his work.

This week we had a miracle baptismal date! We met with a part member family (parents with 2 children) and they want to get baptized. But they need to get baptized in a matter of weeks because they want the grandpa to baptize them, but they move very soon. So, we met with them for the first time and they are so excited to get baptized! We talked with them about when, and we scheduled it for 2 weeks later - October 5th! Needless to say, we are going over almost every day to help them be prepared. They are so cute. In every prayer, the daughter, Kaitlyn, prays that they can get all of their lessons done so that they can get baptized. It is the sweetest thing. It will be amazing!

Then another one of our investigators, Sherry, is doing great! We gave her a baptismal date a few weeks ago, and she said maybe. She is reading the Book of Mormon almost daily, and is starting to get a testimony of it. Then this past lesson on Friday, she said that it went from a maybe, to a probably. Then Sister Corbridge stopped by on Saturday to see her mom (who recently got baptized) and she said that Sherry had a dream the other night that told her to get baptized!! So it went from a maybe to a probably to a yes! Miracles are happening here! 

Then we had another miracle! This past Wednesday we went to Young Womens and answered a bunch of their questions of how to respond to friends. It was a really great experience! We were able to help the youth out and have some spiritual experiences. But in the middle of our question and answer session, a girl (Janette, 13 yrs old) who I didn't recognize raised her hand. She said "What is the Book of Mormon?" A little shocked, I smiled, and answered her question. I wasn't sure how much she knew and if she was friends with someone. Then a little bit later, she raised her hand and asked "What is the Doctrine and Covenants?" Again, I looked at the young women, confused, but answered her question as simply as I could. At the end, we wanted to go up and talk to her, but all of the Young Women flooded us, and she slipped away. So we texted one of the YW leaders, and found out she was not a member. Then, on Sunday, she was there at church!! During Sunday School, Brother Colwell came up to us and explained that she went to school with his son and that she came to church last week, and came to mutual, and then came to chruch again. And she told him that she wanted to learn everything she could about our chruch. Missionary intervention? I think yes. So after church, we pretty much cornered her inside of the Young Womens room and talked with her some more. We offered to teach her more, and she said yes of course! We told her that she could invite her family to come and learn also. It was a complete miracle! It will be amazing!! Ah! I just love this work.

Then this week, Saranna will be baptized!!! Yay!! It will be a wonderful week. I am so so excited. We have been going there every night and having her read a few verses every night. Her reading level is behind, so we promised her that if she read the Book of Mormon every day, Heavenly Father would help her to learn to read faster. It will be wonderful. We have been doing lots and lots of service at their house this week too. They are supposed to move next week..... And it has been lots of fun going through....lots of boxes. They have...lots of stuff in their garage. And there were spiders and crickets all over the place!! Eeek! We jumped lots and lots. But we are proud of Susan for getting rid of some stuff. It is hard for her to do that. So, to make some of the bags fit in the garbage can, I jumped up inside and smashed them! It reminded me of being a kid.

So yes, it has been a great week :D I am so excited for all that is happening here. Huntington is exploding! We currently have 4 baptisms scheduled and hopefully 3 more scheduled this week. Heavenly Father's hand is in our work. I just love this work. :D It is so worth it! I can't believe that I am almost half way. It has flown by so quickly. I will see you all sooner than you know it.

Keep relying on our Savior. He will bless you and help you through every single thing that you are facing in your life. If you pray and follow Him, He will direct you. I am a firm believe that obedience brings blessings. No matter how weird the rule may be, if you follow it, you are promised to be blessed. I have seen that so many times on my mission. I can't even explain it. I love you all! The work of the Lord is moving forward.

I attached some pictures :) One of me and Sister Corbridge smiling away...and one of my hair! It is getting super long! I send all of my love :)

Sister Emilee Brooke Farr

Sister Corbridge & Sister Farr

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