Tuesday, November 5, 2013

11/04/13-Week 39 [Week 3 of Transfer 7] "Maroon"

Hi :)

So the reason why Maroon is the subject is because this week I got a new coat!! And it is Maroon :) I love it! It took me forever to find, but I really like it. Once I got it I realized that I have lots of maroon things. I have a maroon shirt, a maroon cardigan, my scriptures are maroon....lots. But that is okay! People say that blondes look good with maroon...:) Anyways......

We are still working as hard as we can to find new investigators and help people come unto Christ. We had a miracle yesterday! Sister Corbridge was on an exchange the other week and tracted into a girl named Lavon. She told us to come back another time when her husband would be home. We came back, and she rescheduled because he wasn't there. This happened for a couple of weeks. We started to feel as if she was not really interested but didn't now how to tell us. But we had another appointment yesterday and we were going to give it one last try. I honestly thought that no one would be there, but when we knocked, she came to the door and welcomed us right in. We had an amazing lesson with them. The spirit was so strong and they really have a desire to change. We are going to start teaching their 2 children next week also. They said yes to being baptized and are excited to read the Book of Mormon. It was just amazing! We were kind of in shock. 

Then we had a lesson on the Book of Mormon with another one of our investigators, Joe. He is a non-member husband who is pretty much active in the church. He has been taught by a few missionaries, but hasn't even reached baptism. The lessons we have had with him have always been very powerful, but last week we thought he had alluded to being finished with the lessons. But we showed up this week anyways. We wanted to show him how he could gain revelation through the Book of Mormon. So we had him think of a question, and we prayed and opened the Book of Mormon and started reading. And he said that God answered his questions. But the surprising part was that he told us that his questions was "Why was I investigating the church harder this time?" We were both surprised to hear that, but very excited too. He told us that he does want us to continue teaching him. We know the miracles are happening here!

Happy Halloween!
I hear that you saw me and Sister Corbridge's halloween costume. We were matching :) It was fun. That is the best you can do as a missionary. But on Halloween they had us go in at 6:30pm and watch a talk about faith. It was really good. But funny story..the next morning when Sister Corbridge and I went to walk outside after excising to get some fresh air, our keys were in the door handle....just sitting there. They had been there all night...on Halloween. We are so lucky that no one stole our keys..let alone our car..or broke in. Heavenly Father definitely protected us!! 

We have a cute investigator, Janette who is planning to get baptized on the 16th. She is so excited! She is getting all of the Young Women involved and has decided a lot of her program already. The final thing is if her parents actually sign the baptismal form. They have verbally said "yes" but the real test is if they will sign the papers. Say extra prayers that their hearts will be open!! I know that if it her time, Heavenly Father will prepare a way. She is so sweet and loves the church. We are really excited for her!

Other than that this week has been good! I had a cold the beginning of the week, but I was taken care of :) Sister Peacock [the stake RS President] brought me over some chicken noodle soup, and I was able to rest all day. I literally slept....all....day....it was great! I am taking vitamins and feeling just fine.

Well, I have to get going. I love you all!! Thank you for your love and prayers! I can feel them strengthening me every single day. The Lord is helping me and lifting me up. I couldn't do this work without him and without you. I love you all!!!! :D :D

Sister Farr

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