Monday, June 30, 2014

06/23/14 - Week 71! {Week 6 of Transfer 12} "Faith Precedes Miracles"

Family!! Friends!! Everyone :)

First off, I am STAYING in HEBRON, KY :) For my last part of my mission! So my address remains the same:

Sister Emilee Farr
2260 Flicker Dr #195
Hebron, KY 41048

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I sure did. It was...super hard...we really had to pay the price for miracles to come. Lots of things fell through, and some people were just rude. We had one of our greatest investigators drop us and it was devastating, but wait until you hear the miracles that we were able to witness!! :D

We found a really amazingly prepared dad of 3 yesterday afternoon when we were out with our member. We were at our investigators house for an appointment, but he wasn't home. As we were knocking on his door, his neighbor came home and started bringing in groceries. We said "Hi" from the other door and offered to help, he thanked us but said no. After no response from our appointment, we went down the street to see if another investigator was home, and they weren't either. As we walked back up the road towards our car, we thought maybe we should knock on the guys door and talk to him. But we battled it. "It would be awkward.... We just saw him...he would think we were weird..." But we decided to follow the prompting and go knock on his door. We knocked and there was no response for a long time. But then he walked out and said, "I want to know what you girls are doing. I have seen you around here walking around for a while and I am interested in what you share. I knew you were going to knock on my door. And if you didn't, I was going to come outside and find you and ask you to talk to me." We were blown away! He went on to tell us his whole life story from when he was about 16 to now. He has been through so much in his life. But he has been so prepared for the message of the restoration. He is a father of 3 kids and we are stoked to go and teach all of them.

God has just been blessing us. We had an amazing investigator come to church yesterday. She is our neighbor and told us she wanted to learn more because of our examples and the members of the church she has met. She is soaking it all up. Yesterday at church she absolutely loved it. She commented in Relief Society and was reading the scriptures that people shared...she was just so involved. We are so excited for her. She is strong and has received a testimony of Joseph Smith already. She prayed about it and told us, "The Holy Spirit has revealed to me that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God." We can't even express our excitement! Patterns are changing here in Hebron. We have been working hard and we are so excited that we are finding some amazingly prepared people :)

We had another neat experience with our investigator that we have recently started helping. She is planning on moving to California and is getting her house ready to put up on the market. We met her knocking doors one day and offered to help her around the house if she needed it. She has been painting a lot, and we thought we could help. In the middle of us meeting her, her step-mom passed away and we lost some contact for awhile. After a couple of weeks of talking back and forth, we were able to go over there on Thursday and help her go through some of her things she was going to put out for a garage sale. She fed us a delicious lunch of Ziti and we had a good chat. Then after, we were walking down to her garage and she started to tell us that everyone was telling her that she shouldn't let us come back because we were going to "try to convert her". She then said "You aren't going to try to convert me, right??" Awkward pause....and right at that moment someone pulled up and she walked over to talk to them. phew...we avoided that awkward conversation. But now we knew not to push her too hard. After going through a bunch of things, we went inside to make some signs. While we were in there, I was just praying that Heavenly Father would lead the conversation. And He sure did! She started asking US questions. She said "So what is the difference between Mormons and say, the Catholics?" (<-since she is Catholic). PERFECT QUESTION!! And from there it lead to some really great discussions. We talked about Joseph Smith and about how she doesn't like the church she had gone to... It lead to her crying and talking about how hard it was for her to lose her step-mom and we were able to bear testimony of the Plan of Salvation. At the end of the conversation she ended up saying, "I will have to come try out your church some time. When is it?" How neat!!?? We didn't even have to push her. SHE asked all of the questions and we just answered. I felt more like a member missionary than a normal missionary. It comforted me to know that I will be able to share the gospel when I get home. You can all do it! Just pray for missionary opportunities, and they will come up. It was so neat. I can't even explain how wonderful it was. She felt the spirit and it is doing all of the converting. We are going back this week to help her paint, and I am excited to see what else we can share with her! :D

I just love this gospel. So many miracles come. Oh! I just remembered another one from this week. We had a 19 year old kid we are teaching who was going to come to a baptism on Friday. We stopped by earlier that day and asked if he was going to come. He said he might be with his cousin, but he would try. When the time came that night, we went over, one was home. We knocked a few times..but no response. We were really bummed. So we went to talk to his neighbor and invite her to come, and as we were talking with her, he walked out of the woodsy area behind his house and went inside (since there are woods pretty much everywhere here). We decided to head back over and invite him to come. When he answered he was all wet and he told us that he had just fallen down a hill....(<-uhhh. crazy). But we invited him to come and he said sure, he just needed to change. So we waited and then headed over to the baptism.....25 minutes late. I prayed that it would have been delayed by some miracle so that he could see it. And a miracle happened...when we walked in, they were just singing the opening song. We sat down right up front and it was amazing! He was intensely listening to everything. It really was a beautiful baptism. At the end we showed him around the church and then asked him how he felt. He said, "I felt different. I have never felt that way before.." So we asked him to explain it. He explained that he felt like he was there physically...and mentally. He had never felt that way before. Most places he felt like he was there physically, but not mentally. We told him "That is the spirit!!" It was so neat. We are excited for him too!

There is so much neat potential here in Hebron. I am so excited to be able to stay here for the next little while. I love the ward, the area, and of course cute Sister Bowers. We are working hard and continue to expect miracles to come! Just have faith, and God will bless you :D

Love you all!!!
Sister Emilee Farr

P.s....I held a BABY RACOON!! Crazy..

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