Wednesday, June 11, 2014

05/27/14 - Week 67! {Week 2 of Transfer 12} "Miracles!!!!"

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you all had a great memorial day! We sure had a great one! Our mission switched our Preparation Day from Monday to Tuesday so that we would be able to talk to all of the people who would be outside and home for memorial day. It was a day of miracles! Here in our area we were on exchanges with Sister Webb and Sister Jenkins (the Sisters in the Zone serving in Lawrenceburg, Indiana). And we found 7 new investigators between us both!!! In just ONE day!! God is so amazing. And the neat thing is that our mission had a goal to break our record and find 100 new investigators in one day as a mission. And guess how many we found????? God's grace was with us! And his power blessed us!! We found: 234 children of God who want to learn more about His gospel! We blew 100 our of the water! How amazing. :D :D We had a mission conference call last night and we were all so so excited for the incredible work that was done. It was hard work for sure. We had to sacrifice and push ourselves. We talked with everyone matter how awkward it was. (<--and trust me, it is usually awkward...haha). We are just so excited for everything that is happening here! God's work is definitely hastening and He is the head of our Church. This is His work. There is NO way that we could have been able to reach that goal if it wasn't for Him. We prayed all day for Him to put people in our path that we could teach. We prayed for His hand in our work. We looked at our goals all day and held ourselves accountable to reaching those goals. It was so amazing. :D :D We truly can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us (Phil 4:13).

Our last week was amazing too! We have just seen the work here in Kentucky explode! We found 7 new investigators and taught 14 lessons with members present (which is tied with my highest on my mission). We worked so hard! It is starting to get really hot down here...and humid. It gets you all sticky. I know that it is probably nothing compared to other the Philippines...but it is hot to me! haha. We had a fun day last Saturday though! We went to the house of the new family we are teaching and helped the mom weed her yard and mow the lawn. Right as we started though...we broke the lawn mower. The cord snapped that you use to start the neighbors had to go on an adventure to find something to fix it. But they fixed it just as we finished weeding the yard. Now, mowing the lawn here is an exciting experience! They don't have bags for the grass that gets cut off, so it just flies out all over. But since the grass was so long, they had to lift up one of the flaps on the side to let the grass get out...which angled the cut grass clippings right at us. I attached a picture of me mowing...please excuse my facial expression. It was hot...and you would be doing it too if you had grass flying into your face!! just sayin. haha :D It was lots of fun though! It sure helped her a lot. She has three little kids and the youngest is just a year old. She can't set him down and walk into the other room without him starting to cry. It was just great :) Then she came to church on Sunday! It was a bit overwhelming for her with all of her kids, but the members were sooo so sweet. The member in front of us handed back books and crayons and toys for the kids. When her little boy was getting fussy, a sweet sister walked all the way around the chapel with a bag of pretzels for him and her kids to munch on. It was the sweetest thing. I just wanted to cry :) They have been so supportive for their family. She said it was a little bit different than they are used to, but that they were going to try it again next week and stay for the Primary classes! :D yay!

We have a baptism this Friday!! Of two teenage girls, Camill and Alyssa! They are 14 and 13. They are so excited. Every time that we talk about it they just light up. They want it so much! For a while Alyssa was not sure if she was ready, but we invited people in the congregation to pray for her and since then she said that she has just had such a peaceful feeling about it and she wants to get baptized. We are still praying for their parents hearts to be softened. They are such a cute and wonderful family and it will help them so much! Hopefully by them coming to the baptism, the spirit can touch their hearts and spark something inside of them. Keep them in your prayers this week! Satan is going to work hard on them! And he has already started. But God is so much more powerful than Satan. We just get to choose who we listen to.

Oh!!! AND Ashley did get baptized up in Fort Wayne :D :D Sister Parker said it was wonderful. The Shumards (members in the ward), bought her a quad with her named embossed on it :) She even paid her tithing for the first time on Sunday after her baptism :) I love her so very much!! :D

Something random...We had Zone Conference this past week and they have car inspections each time. And guess what?? Sister Bowers and I got the clean car award!! Horray!! That means that we get 50 extra miles :D It was quite exciting! I don't think I have ever won before, so we were pretty happy! And then we both got "Celestial Planners" when the assistants went through them :D And we got candy! haha. Like we need more candy...but it is okay! We have been going over to Sister Johnson's in the morning and doing Cross Fit <--it is a crazy fitness workout thing that kills you. But is lots of fun! You should try it :)

I just feel like so much is happening and happening so quickly! August is coming so fast. Too fast. But also slowly...mixed emotions. But I am just so grateful for my mission. It truly has changed me. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father has allowed me this opportunity for me to serve him. I know that the things that I have learned and will still learn here will change my future family for the better. My children, husband, and everyone around me will have such a better mother, wife, and friend to be with them. I know that I was meant to be on my mission at this time. God works in mysterious ways. I never thought I would and sometimes I still can't believe I am on a mission. It is the hardest thing I have ever done before by far. But it is also the most rewarding thing I have ever been a part of. I love this work

. The ups and the downs. I am grateful for our trials and for the bumps in the road, because that is when we grow the most. Every day when we are struggling to reach our goals and we turn to the Lord in prayer, he delivers us. This is His work. No one else could do it besides Him. Thank you for all of your support and prayers!! I love you all so very much!! :D

All my love,
Sister Emilee Farr

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