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07/29/13-Week 25 in Indiana [Week 2 of Transfer 5] "This Week-Miracles!! *Faith*


My apologies for last weeks email. I pushed send when I literally had 1 second left. So...the ending was a bit crazy because I didn't have a lot of time to re-read or anything. I only have about 15 minutes to write this email, so lets get down to business!

This week at church was amazing again!! We had 8 less-actives to church :) It was so wonderful. I spent a lot of time in Indianapolis trying to get people to come back to church, and I did not have much success, but here, we are seeing success from the time and effort we put into meeting with people. I have learned the importance of being bold with people. As a missionary, and as people in general, it really does no good to beat around the bush. When we go to people's homes who haven't gone to church in years, they obviously know why we are there....so we just tell them! Hey, why haven't you been at church?! Okay, not that harsh, but in the same sense.....someone has to eventually ask. And we have seen some real miracles come of it. Sister Davis came again this week and it was great!! Sister Lloyd came teaching with us this past week to her house, and they got along soo well! They just clicked automatically (but the sad thing is that Sister Lloyd moves this Friday....to Arizona........) Sister Davis hasn't gone to church since she was....15 or 16 and was only a member for 3 or 4 years. So, when we had the lesson on the Word of Wisdom in Sunday school, Sister Colton and I were biting our tongues. But, she took it so well!! She was very open and receptive to it. The spirit is a miracle worker, I am telling you. She wants to get her 3 sons into church too. She has a 18, 16, and 14 year old. We are hoping to get them involved in Young Mens and help them get some good friends. She is just on a roll!! I am so happy about it. :D

The spiders here are ridiculous. Sister Colton and I have killed our fair share of spiders. But there was a funny story with one this last week that I didn't get a chance to write about. We have spiders who are currently living in the side mirrors of our car. Mine's name is Charolette, Sister Colton's is Hank. Now, there is a story being Charolette's name. 
Sister Colton and I were laying in bed one night talking about our neighbor. You see, that night, after getting in, we were trying to destroy the spider webs on the side of our cars. We were attacking them with our water bottles and using all of our "master spider-killing" skills to get rid of them. We prodeeded to do so for a good.....3 or 4 minutes. As we walked up to our house, our cute old neighbor, Art, walked out with a container of cantaloupe (they always give us food) and said "have a spider??" We said...."yes..." (realizing that he was watching us the whole time as we were attacking our car. Hahaha! Apparently, it is a normal thing here in Indiana to have spiders living in your mirrors. So great. :D

But, we found some new investigators this week! Shelby is married to Casey, who is a less-active. They recently got married in June and we have been trying to meet with them for a good 2 months now. But they have been cancelling and rescheduling with us the whole time. Well, last week, we finally got to talk with her! We sat down and just asked her what she expected with the missionaries coming to talk with her. Just getting some basic background. Eventually the conversation lead to families and to eternal families. We talked with her about the nature of God (she was raised Catholic) and about how we have a Heavenly Mother. The spirit was sooo strong in the room! I bore my testimony about how I knew that we not only have a Father in Heaven, but we also have a loving Mother, who cares about us all. The spirit testified so strongly. We told her about the temple and how she and Casey can go and get sealed. It was just a beautiful lesson! I wish I had time to go into all of it. It was a lesson completely guided by the spirit. We went in there expecting to teach her something completely different, and ended up coming out with a new investigator. It was a miracle!

This week, Sister Colton and I experienced a miracle with our numbers...I guess you could say. Sister Colton and I put forth a lot of faith in setting our goals last week, and we didn't know if it was possible to reach them. But with faith, we met our goals and exceeded many of them. I know that as we rely on faith and work our hardest, no matter how impossible it seems, the Lord will always provide a way. He is on our side. As we are doing all that he has asked us to, he will never leave us alone.

He loves all of us! He watches out for us. I am so grateful to him for everything.

I don't have any more time. I love you all!! Thank you for all you do!!

Sister Farr

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