Monday, July 1, 2013

07/01/13-Week 21 [Week 4 of Transfer 4] "Ohio, Cincinnati!! Here Yes!"

Hello friends and family!!

Today 2 zones in the Indiana Mission have received a commandment from the Lord - D&C 38:32. He has called us to Ohio where we will be "endowed with power". (hahaha..our Zone Leaders sent us that in a funny voice mail this morning). Starting today, July 1st I am now in the Ohio Cincinnati mission with President and Sister Porter from Morgan, UT (AKA Alyson Porter's parents) as my mission president and wife! Crazy. I know. I am very excited though! It will be great. Now I get to serve in 2 missions and 2 states. I feel kind of special. Not really. I am just tired today, and a little bit loopy.

This week has been great!! We had a great follow up lesson with Jeremiah! He is the investigator who really liked the Book of Mormon because he is part Indian. We came back to his house and we talked to him as he was cooking dinner. It was a very different kind of lesson, but the spirit kept saying "Teach People, Not Lessons." We planned to go into his home and sit down with his family and teach them about the restoration, but as we chatted with him in his kitchen, we decided that what he really needed was the Plan of Salvation. We asked him about who he thought God was and his conception of Jesus Christ. He started to tell us some really cool thoughts that he had....that actually lined right up with our deeper doctrine. He mentioned that he thought that God must have walked the earth and lived on earth or something so that he knew what we would experience. He said "God wouldn't just throw us into a world where he didn't know anything about. It would be like me, making this spaghetti sauce and throwing some stuff in it and then feeding it to my family without even tasting it!" We talked to him about where we thought God came from and he totally agreed! He said "that makes a LOT of sense!" He even mentioned how he thought that there must be other galaxies and universes who have other planets just like ours who have their own was crazy. I am telling you. We asked him, "So, what do you think the purpose of life is?" He said "Well, to be tested and tried, to find my family and loved ones, and prepare myself to return to God." Umm...are you sure you aren't a Mormon?? Because that is exactly what we teach! Plus the fact of gaining a body. It was incredible. Sister Colton and I were just standing there getting our minds blown as he talked with us. Never have I had an investigator say anything like that. It was amazing! We are teaching him again on Thursday, and we invited his wife and family to join us. Oh so great!!!!

We found a really cool new investigator this week. Her name is Elizabeth. She has a 2 year old son who had a heart transplant at 1 week old. She has had a lot of challenges in her family life, but still stayed strong. But how we found her was really cool. We had planned to tract a street named Briant, but we didn't 'feel' right about it. So we prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help us to know where we were supposed to be. I started looking through my planner and Sister Colton pulled out the ward roster. The name Davisson stuck out to me, but not the people who I had down (there are tons of Davissons in the ward). Then Sister Colton said "Amber Davisson?" I said "Yes!" That felt right. So we went over to her house, but no one was there. So we decided 'well, God sent us here for a reason..' and started to walk around looking for people outside. I said a silent prayer to Heavenly Father asking him to help me know who he has who is prepared here. I asked him if he would help them to go outside so that I would know. As we turned the corner, we saw Elizabeth sitting outside on her porch swing. My heart skipped! Horray! She is prepared! Heavenly Father answered my prayers. We went over and immediately Sister Colton and I thought that we needed to talk about the Family Proclamation, so we did. We talked about Eternal Families and how the Gospel blesses families. We gave her a pamphlet and have a return appointment tonight! Say an extra prayer for us! It is amazing to have Heavenly Father work through you to find the people He has prepared. I love it!!! I love my calling as a missionary!

We had some funny times this week....
First, was with Sister Hazelet. We were teaching her about the Christ-like attribute of hope, and my stomach would NOT stop growling!! I wasn't even hungry. All of us would awkwardly pause and listen as my stomach would rip out a loud growl..bahaha. It was funny. We all laughed together. I just have to say though....I blame dad ;)
Then, another night I woke up in the middle of the night and went to turn on the fan. Sister Colton thought that I had said something, but I didn't. But because she had no energy (she was half asleep), she just grunted at me.  Confused...I grunted back. The next morning, she asked me if I had said something to her and I said that I hadn't. She explained that she grunted because she couldn't muster up the strength to say anything. We had a good laugh about that.

It has been lots of fun here in Indiana! We have had some crazy storms and some fun times! We are working hard and the fruits are starting to come.

Also, I am no longer in the Indianapolis Indiana Mission, so don't send any mail to that address! It has changed. I don't know the new Mission Home address, but when I get it, I will let you know. In the meantime you can send it right to my apartment in Huntington. Thanks!!

I love you all! Continue to always read in your scriptures and stay close to our Father in Heaven. It is only through Christ that we can be happy!

With Love,

Sister Farr

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