Tuesday, July 30, 2013

07/24/13-Week 24 in Indiana [Week 1 of Transfer 5]

Hello all!

Yes, we have started a NEW transfer! Wahoo. I know I didn't really tell you about that, because I figured we were staying. And we are not!! We are getting split up!! Weird right? Just kidding!! (<-makes me think of Jess) We are staying. I know, you were surprised for just a second. But no, we are staying here in Huntington in our cute little yellow house.

This week has been crazy! I bet that you are wondering why I did not email you on Monday, and I bet it just ruined your whole day not to hear from me. Just Kidding again (<-Jess). But it was sure long for me to chug through these past few days! But since Transfers is tomorrow, they changed preparation day to Wednesday this week. So, no I did not die, (well...maybe kind of, but not literally) I am doing well! My random health things have gotten much better this past week. I am very grateful for the prayers that you have said and the support you have given me, I am doing much better!

So, first of all, it has been great! Sister Colton and I have been praying a lot recently for the Lord to help us find someone who we could baptize in this next transfer, and he surely has. Saranna has been given a baptismal date of August 23rd! She will hopefully bet getting baptized with her brother, Jeremiah. It will be wonderful! We are very excited. Speaking of their family, we have had some wonderful fellowshippers! We invited Sister Miller to come teach them with us this past week, and she willingly came. But when we got there, they were running around like crazy because they had a house inspection. So, they asked us if we could clean. Sister Miller was sooo open to just cleaning the house! She stayed there with us for 2 hours and cleaned and taught a lesson with us. Then, when we said we had to go after the lesson, she got up and said "Well Saranna, lets go and finish your room!!" and went back and still kept cleaning. We don't' know how long she stayed, but we know that she helped them sooo much! She is wonderful. Also, Sister Bair helped us so much. We were trying to get a member to go with us all day, and no one could. Then, last minute Sister Bair texted us and offered to come. We went to give Susan a lesson about Enduring to the End, but after talking with Susan a little bit about her finances, Sister Bair suggested to us that we teach her about Tithing instead. So, according to the spirit, we taught Susan about the law of tithing. Sister Bair was perfect for that lesson! It was something that she struggled with when she was becoming re-activated and she could bear a very strong testimony! It was wonderful. The Lord knew that we were going to be teaching another lesson that night, and he knew that Sister Bair needed to be the member to come with us. There is always a reason for everything!

Also, we did service last week at a less-actives couples house. We were outside in the HOTT (104 degrees) weather painting their deck and stapling chicken wire up around it. Let me tell you, it was HOTT! It reminded me of Stadium of Fire when you are just hot and miserable and soaked from head to toe...yeah...it was crazy. Except, no one was coming around with sprayers to cool you off. Not so fun. But at the same time, we had a blast! We ended up talking with them at the end for a spiritual thought, and we found out that the brother doesn't have much of a testimony of the Book of Mormon at all. He just joined the church for the politics. It was really heart breaking for us. I could literally feel the sorrow of the Savior in my heart. To the point that I started to cry as I bore my testimony to him. It was a hard moment for me and the Savior as he expressed his great desire for him to come unto Him. But we will work with him to resolve all of his concerns and get him back to church.

But! Church this week was GREAT! We had 7 less active members there (the Ahrens, the Minches, Sister Lloyd, Sister Rydell, and Sister Davis), who we have been working with and 5 investigators! SO great!

Thank you for all of your prayers and concern again! I love you all!!!!
Love, Sister Farr

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