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06/24/13 - Week 20 in Indianna. [Week 3 of Transfer 4]

Hello family and friends!

Were any of you able to watch the broadcast last night??!!! It blew my mind! If you did not, I realllllly hope you can find it online! It was broadcasted from the Marriott Center in Provo all over the world to the churches. It was about missionary work and it was wonderful. I guess that we will start having technology in our iPad technology...and facebook accounts.. this changes EVERYTHING! It will be crazy. I am so excited, but really nervous. I was doing great without having to worry about the whole technology thing. But yeah, it was amazing. You HAVE TO watch it.

It has been a busy week. and a reallly hot week. The humidity here is killer. You just sit outside and feel the sweat drip down your back the whole time. Your clothes stick to you, and it is just nasty. But I will get through it! I just try not to think about it. haha.

On Tuesday, Sister Colton was sick :( the poor thing. So I had a day inside...studying...the whole day. Lets just say I got a headache. But I learned some really cool stuff! I was able to read an entire book called "Our Search for Happiness" by Elder Ballard. It is amazing! It talks a lot about the restoration and our basic beliefs. It is SUCH a good book! I would highly recommend it to everyone to read. It helps you understand some of the "whys" behind the gospel. It is pretty great. I also read a lot in the Book of Mormon. I just love that book. I can't explain it. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. There is no doubt in my mind that it is true. It speaks of real people who talked with God and were lead by Him to the America's. But the things that we can learn from that book are things beyond the veil. There is a deeper meaning in every verse. I have loved studying the Book of Mormon more in depth. It is the most correct book from God.

I was able to give out the Book of Mormon to a guy this week who is actually part Indian. It was cool to see his eyes light up because it told the story of how his ancestors got here. We will be teaching him this next week more about it. His name is Jeremiah. I found him on Saturday when I was on an exchange with Sister Francis. He was sitting on his porch smoking with his friend Adam (also a new investigator) and so we walked up to him and started talking. At first, he wasn't so interested. He had talked to Elders before, but he said they would just give him a card and keep walking. But I just felt like we needed to stay and chat. I just started asking him casual questions about his life, and then went back into the gospel..he still wasn't intererested so I decided to give him a card. I felt like I should give him the card with the Salt Lake temple picture on the back side. When I gave him that card, he turned it around and said "Wow!! What is this?!" I explained a little bit about the temple and he just thought that it was amazing. So we started talking again. Then he told us he wished us luck with our missions and that we could stop by any time...but I could feel that there was more. So I casually chatted with him and then brought up the gospel again. Then the thought came to me that I should talk about the Book of Mormon. Right when I brought it up, you could see that his interest level just sparked! It was soo cool! He asked us straight up where he could get a copy of it. We gave him a copy and we committed to come back the next week and talk about it. It was sooo cool! I give no credit to myself. If you know me, I am the opposite of talkative. I am not the kind of person to do much "small chat" but with the help of Heavenly Father, he is making weak things become strong (just as it says in Ether 12:6). That day, we found 3 new investigators!! It was an incredible day.

But also, there was a crazy rain storm! It just rolled in unannounced. There was a fair going on in the town and everyone was scattering like ants to get out of the coming storm. The clouds were so black and just rolling in. In Utah, we have the mountains to slow it down and stop it, but here they just FLY by. It was a pretty intense storm.. we got pretty wet...but it was also lots of fun!! I love the rain.

Also, yesterday we were doing a finding fast (Sister Colton and I). It is something that President Collins challenged the whole mission to do. And it was the hardest fast sunday ever!!! We went to church, and the first person who came up to us gave us a card with a gift card to Applebee's in it. Now, that wasn't too bad because it was just a gift card. But then in Relief Society, as part of the lesson, Sister Sackett made cookie dough batter as she taught about strong marriages. She handed out cookies at the end. Sister Colton and I just looked at the cookies with our mouths watering and looked at each other and wanted to cry. We could smell them so strongly! It was awful. Sister Colton even started to get shaky. bahaha. Then Sister George came up to us after and gave us a huge plate of peanut butter bars. At that point, we almost lost it...but we held strong!! It was a very tempting fast sunday for us. But we did should be proud! ;)

The work is plugging a long here in Huntington! It is just a matter of finding people to teach and everything else will work out! We are visiting less-active people and having a blast! We met with Sister Stine this week. She is 99 years old! And still walking and talking and stuff. She loved having us over and gave us some referrals to her granddaughters. She said that the one thing that she wants before she dies is for her family to be in the church....we will see what we can do about that. It may be hard! But we can do it....maybe. With the Lord, all things are possible.

Also, I finally got a picture of Wanda and Andrew at their baptism!! Horray!
 The picture is of old downtown Huntington :D  I love it!

I am out of time. But I love you all!!!! Keep following God and it will all work out.

Love, Sister Farr

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