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07/28/14 - Week 76! {Week 5 of Transfer 13} " ~ ~ Fish~~"

Hey :D

It was a good week! It was full of obstacles to overcome (which is to be expected since we had a baptism), but we made it!! :D So we went fishing this 10am...for was a great adventure! We caught some blue gill fish, then 2 huge bass, and a snapping turtle!!! It was quite the experience. I will have some videos to show you that are too big to email. It was tons of fun. Sister Diana Anderson has a pond in her backyard and let us come and fish in it. We had hot dogs we were using and then we used some crawdads that we caught in the stream. I thought Dad would be proud of that :) haha. It really was fun though.

 But also, for the past year and a half I have been fishing the whole time. Just being a fisher of men. I am so privileged to have been in the service of our Heavenly Father. This work is amazing. It is the most rewarding work in the world. I am excited to finish off this last week and then to continue serving him for the rest of my life. There is still so much to be done before our Savior comes again. We need to "catch" as many of our brothers and sisters as we can. Our Father in Heaven wants them to be able to return home to Him.
As you were all wondering....yes, Janet got baptized this weekend! And it was amazing. It was stressful to get everything done. We had a mix up with the interview and spent most of Thursday calling people and stressing out.  But God worked it all out, and she is a member of the Kingdom of God now! Her husband came to the baptism and it was amazing. After she was baptized she looked up, clapped her hands, and said, "Thank you Jesus!" She has been so excited all week for this day. She was beaming all day at church after her confirmation. She is so excited to be a part of this gospel. Her husband talked with us a little bit after the baptism and told us that it probably wouldn't be long before he was coming around. {And at the beginning of this journey, he told Janet he didn't want any part in it.} He came to church yesterday with her for her confirmation, and we have an appointment with them on Saturday! I am so excited for her and her husband. They will be sealed in the temple in no time.

We also had a neat experience finding a new investigator. We saw her for the first time last Sunday taking in groceries as we were talking with her neighbor. We offered to help, but she declined. She looked so tired and worn out. It stuck with me. The next day, I saw her driving down the street, and thought, "We have to go talk to her." So on Monday evening, one of our appointments fell through, and so we went to her apartment. We knocked, and she let us right in. When we explained how we felt lead to go and talk to her, she teared up. During our next appointment, she told us that she had prayed that someone would come and talk to her.....and then we showed up. God is soooooo amazing! She is a single mom of two little boys, and is so sweet. Her older boy is so sweet! And he likes me too :) I guess he likes girls with long hair, and so since the first day, he has been my bud. On Sunday morning, people were falling through to come to church. We had the thought to stop by her home. We did, and she accepted to come. We picked her up and she came! Within a week of finding her, she came!!!! Maybe that doesn't seem crazy to any of you, but in Hebron, that is a rare happening. She is amazing. It was a stressful experience in some of the meetings with her kids, but the ladies in the ward were so sweet to help her. I can definitely tell she has lots of potential in the gospel. Keep praying for her too! :D

Other than that, we had a pretty normal week. We stopped by lots of people, talked with lots of people, went on Exchanges with Sister Webb and Jenkins, mowed a lawn, made cookies for know, the normal every day missionary life. There is still lots to do here before I go. We are having another mission leadership council on Friday, and I am sooo happy I get to be here for another one of them. You are just so inspired and uplifted. I again am so grateful for my mission. I am a different person because of it. I am still my quiet, quirky self, but I have a much stronger testimony and desire to follow our Savior.

Keep your faith strong! Walk forward, and don't look back.

I love you all!
 - Sister Farr

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