Monday, August 4, 2014

07/21/14 - Week 75! {Week 4 of Transfer 13} "FROG"

Hello :)

So I held a little frog this week! It was like those cute tree frogs that you see on all of the was bright lime green! I loved it! We were on exchanges (I was with Sister Blackburn) and we were following up with a former investigator. As we talked, she said that there was a frog stuck to her outside brick wall! So Sister Blackburn climbed up some steps and poked it. It flew right off! And we caught it :D It was slimy and so cute! Her kids came out and we got to let it go in their garden. I have never held a frog like that before. Her family was so sweet, they aren't interested in learning more right now, but one day they will be, I can tell! :D

The OTHER reason why Frog was the title was because the other week we met "Brother FROG" But as he put it, F.R.O.G = Fully Rely on God. That is exactly what we have had to do all week this week! But we are seeing so many blessings come. We found 12 new investigators and had 3 people at church. It has been hard to get people to come to church in this area, but God is helping us to change that pattern. Slowly, but surely!

We are so excited for this upcoming weekend. Our investigator, Janet, is getting baptized! She moved in the day I got here 2.5 months ago and she is so prepared. We met her when she was moving in and offered to help her. We had some brief chats with her for a few weeks and then one week she stopped us. She talked about how she has noticed that the people in our congregation are very much different than any other she has met. She had been to lots of different churches, but since moving here she has had a lot of contact with our church and noticed a difference. SHE asked US if she could learn. (!!) Within 6 weeks of starting to teach her, she is getting baptized! Her husband was very against it at first. He said he would never get baptized or convert. He told her she better not convert either. But this past week at church she talked to us about how his heart is softening. She talked to him about wanting to get baptized, and he was actually okay with it! He has been asking her questions about church and things. He said, as long as they don't worship that prophet guy, then I am okay with it. She then asked him if he would like to watch a movie about Joseph Smith so he could understand him better. So she showed him the "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration" movie on YouTube. He is being prepared. We have been praying for him and we are excited to see how he starts to progress. He is going to come to her baptism and confirmation next week also! God has softened his heart in amazing ways! So.......... he should be joining the church soon too. :) The Lord worked miracles for her and her family. She told us at church yesterday that she has complete peace about the whole thing. No matter what we teach or she learns, she accepts it. She said that this church is the missing piece she has needed her whole life. She loves the Book of Mormon and all it teaches. She is the most prepared person I have ever taught. I feel so privileged to be able to teach her more and be a part of her conversion process. :D

We had a crazy cool thing happen on Friday of this last week. It was the day I was with Sister Blackburn and we were trying to reach our goal to find a new investigator that day. The night before, when I was going to sleep, a name popped into my head of a lady we met earlier in the week that we should see the next day. As we were driving around I remembered her, so we headed over. She had offered to cut our hair (since she is going through hair school) and we decided to take her up on it. We went by, and she just pulled up from school. We talked with her for a while and set up an appointment for next Monday to come and get our hair trimmed, but I wasn't sure how to bring up the church again in a smooth way. So I said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father for something to come up. As we talked with her, her daughter came up and started chatting with us too. She had at T-shirt on....and there was just something about it that kept drawing my eye. the top of it said "Need Answers? Ask God!" So we commented on the shirt, and she said "I don't even know where I got it. I just threw it on today." As I kept reading, the scripture reference at the bottom was...........................James 1:5. (<---no way!!). Heavenly Father is so amazing! So it was an easy transition into the restoration of the gospel. We explained that it was because of that scripture that our church was started. We went on to explain the first vision, and it was an incredible experience! Both her and her daughter were glued. She is excited to learn more and so is her daughter! I am really excited about their family :)

We are also really excited about Camill and Alyssa and their Dad. They are the two girls who got baptized a month or so ago. Their dad was learning for a while, but then messaged us and said he didn't want to learn anymore. Well, this week, he saw us outside and stopped us. He said that he has noticed the difference since he hasn't been praying and reading. Everything has gotten hectic for them. He told us that he wants to learn again, because he knows it is what he needs :) We are beyond excited! He is such a sweet dad to them and he is prepared to hear the gospel. Keep praying for them! And for their mom's heart to be softened :)

This work is incredible! I love being able to share this gospel with people each day. My mission has taught me so many amazing lessons. Things that would have taken me years to learn, you learn in 6 weeks out here. I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to serve for him at this time. This is not just a church. This is the Kingdom of God on earth. And He is the King. I love this church. I know that it is true. No matter what doubts I have, He clears them up, every time. I hope you all have a wonderful week full of joy and happiness! 

Sister Farr 

p.s. We ran out of paper we took our goodies to people in old pizza boxes :) When you are a missionary, sometimes you have to be creative ;)

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