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04/22/13-Week 11 in Indiana [Week 1 of Transfer 3]

First things first, I am staying in the Indy 1st ward with Sister Cordner. So it is the same address and everything. Sister Knight is sadly leaving us :( Which is the last thing that we expected! She is still in training and they usually don't change their area part way
through. But..Heavenly Father always knows best. And I know that he has a purpose for everything.

Soooo..where to start. This week was actually probably one of the slowest weeks of my entire mission! I was anxious to hear about transfers and so of course, time decided to go extra slow. But I made it through! Sister Cordner is actually going to become a Sisters
Training Leader. It is a new calling for sisters that has just come out. She is kind of like a Zone Leader in the sense that she will go on exchanges with sisters in the zone and will do trainings and stuff. And I get to be her little tag-along companion...pretty much I have to
do most of what she does, but just not report to President Collins about it. haha :) But we will find out more of what it entails on Wednesday after Transfer meeting.

But this coming week is Sister Hodge's baptism!!! I cannot explain how excited I am for her!! It will be one of the best days of her life! She was struggling with the word of wisdom, but has been completely dedicated and clean for the past few weeks. She is amazing! Whatever she puts her mind to, she will do. She had her baptismal interview this past Saturday, and it was the most nerve racking 45 minutes of my life! They have to be interviewed by the District Leader, and the spirit has to confirm to them that they are ready to be baptized. As missionaries, we try to prepare them the best that we can, but it all comes down to the interview! After the interview, she walked out and put a thumbs down and looked very somber. Then she walked down the
hall to us and said "you could have warned me.." We all looked at her with stunned looks. Then our District Leader walked casually down the hall and went up to Sister Cordner and said "Okay, so all we need is the ward and stake numbers.." And Sister Cordner said "What??...I am did she pass?" Then Sister Hodge started laughing and
said "Yes!" I said "Sister Hodge!!! You nearly made me pee my pants when you said that!" and she said "You should have known I would do that type of a thing!" She is a tease. But she "passed"!! Horray! The baptism is still on :) We are soooo excited. Her baptism is 2 days before their anniversary. So that means that next year on their anniversary, they
can be sealed together!!!! That is the best anniversary present ever!

Also, Wanda and Sister Hodge came to all three hours of church yesterday! I was so happy. The hardest thing to do here, is to get people to actually come to church! They say they will, and then they don't show up. But they were both there! Wanda has a baptismal date of June 1st (and I will be there for that one too!) and she is so dedicated! She told us in her last lesson that a few days after she met with us a conflict came up for that date. They had a convention happening in Indianapolis on June 1st, and it was the only time that
they would have it for the whole year! And she said "Well....I guess that I will just have to drive to Chicago when they go there, because I am getting baptized on that day!" How cool is that?? Oh man. We are just so excited about everything.

Then we did lots and lots of tracting one day! We were tracting on Cynthia road and we knocked on this door, and then the garage door started opening. (which is one of the most awkward approaches as a peek around the corner..'hello?') Anyways. We started talking to this old 70 year old man who was sitting at a desk facing
out lighting up a cigarette. He first asked us "You don't have a gun in your purse do you?" and we said "No!" Then he invited us right into his garage and told us to grab some chairs. So we did and started to sit down but he turned and started to close the garage!!! First, that is against the missionary rules (you can't be inside alone with a male) and Second, I was scared for my life! This guy had just asked us if we had a gun and is now trapping us into his garage??! But no need to worry. He stopped it about half way down and started talking to us. He didn't do anything, it was just to keep some of the cold air from coming in. We talked with him for quite some time. He told us stories about his childhood. And we told him the restoration. He was sooo funny! He offered us some soda, and we said sure! So he asked if we wanted Coke, Diet Coke or Sprite. We asked for Diet Coke and he said "You're not chubby!" bahaha. We were laughing pretty hard. He went inside to get them and then he randomly popped around the corner waving a candy bar saying "do you want a candy bar??? It's frozen!!!" Maybe you had to be there.. or just know Jim's personality, but it was hilarious!!

I am really happy to hear about how Kevin is graduating this week from BYU!! Go Kev :) I am so proud of you! He is amazing. I can't believe that in a few months they will live so close to me! It is only a couple hour drive.. weird. haha :)

I am trying to remember what else has happened! I usually have to look in my planner to refresh my memory, but since this is a new transfer, I don't have my old planner with me. Everything is just kind of a blur and mushed together.

Oh! This week we had a tornado watch out! I guess that it is tornado season here. Who knew? We were out tracting, and the wind started to blow realllly hard. really hard. yes, really hard. Almost to the point where it started to unbutton my jacket! We were laughing so hard trying to walk back to the car. Then we started driving to our dinner appointment, and there was a huge tree that had fallen in the middle of the road, so all of the cars had  to back up and use a different route. Indiana has some CRAZY weather!! I know I say that a lot..but I will keep saying it!

Then we did some service at a part members house. And that was a lot of fun! We helped them take down their Christmas tree, yes...their Christmas tree in April :) Then we helped them clean up a little bit. Their kids are the cutest things in the world! It is the Groom/Coy family with the adorable children that I really want to hug!

Groom/Coy Family

One of the hardest things that is hard for me is to not hug the cute little kids! I love kids!! They are just the sweetest and most innocent things. I can't wait to be able to hold them again!
Anyways, I can't really remember last week..I guess that is the mind of a missionary!! Just keep moving forward. I will tell you all about Sister Hodge's baptism in my next email! I am so grateful for my Savior and all that he has done for me. He is my best friend. He is
the person who pulls me through. I can honestly say that without him, I wouldn't still be on my mission. I wouldn't have made it through my first transfer. But I prayed and fasted for a desire to serve, and He answered my prayers. The power of prayer is real. I know that He hears us and answers us. He always has a plan. It has been really tough, but I love being a missionary! All of the hard times are definitely outweighed by the miracles. Keep reading your scriptures and praying daily individually and as a family or couple. It will bless your life and change it. I have seen it change people. I know the church is true. I know that we are the only church with the authority of God and we are literally God's kingdom on the earth today. This gospel is just so true! Sometimes I can't handle how true it is...

Thank you for all of your love and support!
Sister Emilee Farr


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