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04/08/13-Week 9 in Indiana [Week 4 of Transfer 2]

Hi Family and Friends! That is all I have to say! Missionary work is so rewarding and amazing! It was really hard for me at first and I didn't enjoy it, but the more that I have seen the hand of the Lord working in the lives of people here, I can't get enough of it! Thank you all for your love and support. I can feel the strength from your prayers.

This week...I don't even remember what happened this week! It has just flown by. I have to look at my planner to see who we visited..haha. Okay, so on Monday (P-day) Sister Reeves had us over at her house and we did some cake decorating! She taught us some unique techniques and we decorated cupcakes. It was lots of fun!  
Brother Buckles
Then we had dinner at the Buckles' house. They are an amazing family! They are the family that reminds me of Aunt Colette and Uncle Kelly. But we had crepes and homemade fries :) you know that is some of my favorite food! But after dinner we found out that Brother Buckles plays the accordion! How cool is that?! So we sat down and he played some songs for us. It was so cool... I sent some pictures :) Also, I played it and played a little bit on "Choose the Right"! I guess my piano skills did come in handy!
But that was so great.


And more exciting news about Sister Hodge!! She is the part member family who we had an amazing lesson on the atonement last Sunday. But we committed her to be baptized on April 27th!! That is in less than 3 weeks now! She is amazing. She is so determined and dedicated. I have so much to learn from her. Her and Brother Hodge are just so funny! They are sarcastic with each other all of the time. They told us a funny story. Sister Hodge had been dyeing her hair different shades of brown and blonde and I guess that Brother Hodge had told Sister Hodge that he likes it best blonde. So she went to the hair dresser to get it colored blonde, but she came out with her hair brunette! So Brother Hodge was saying "didn't I say that I liked your hair blonde? But you got it brunette......." Then he asked her 'Do you like me bald?' and she said 'no' and so he went home and shaved his hair off to 'get back at her.' But then, a few days later, Sister Hodge went back to the hair dresser to finish her hair coloring and got blonde highlights in it (But Brother Hodge didn't know that she was going to do that). After they told us this story Sister Hodge said "so now I have cute blonde highlights, and he has a bald head!" bahahah. I guess you may have to know them to completely understand the story and their personality. But we were laughing really hard!

We had an amazing lesson with Renae this week. We talked about the plan of salvation and she had so many good questions. She wanted to know why God lets bad things happen to good people. She wanted to know what the purpose of life was and many other questions. The spirit was so strong in that lesson! Sister Cordner said that it was one of the most spiritual plan of salvation lessons she has ever been in. Ah! I love the spirit and this gospel!! :)

Then we went on an exchange with the Indy YSA sisters on IUPUI campus. They have a trio there and we have a trio. So we went there and we split up into 3 companionship's. We went and would walk up to people and just start talking about the gospel with them. I was scared out of my mind to do it. I am not a big talker, as you all probably know, so I was having a panic attack. I was really overwhelmed and just prayed my heart out. Last sunday I had fasted that Heavenly Father would loose my tongue so that I would have the courage to talk with people. And let me tell you, he answered my prayers! I had lots of fun! We talked with a lot of people! We had 4 lessons (which consists of talking about at least 1 principle and saying a prayer) and just talked with many other people. Who knew that it was possible?? Sister Farr? Being able to confront people and share the gospel? If you know me at all, you should know that I am not capable of doing such a
thing. But with Heavenly Father's help, the strength from my Savior, Jesus Christ, and the companionship of the Holy Ghost, I can do it. I am just so grateful for everything that I have already learned. I am not saying that I am not scared out of my mind to do it, but I have more confidence in myself.

I also got to teach Institute that night with 2 other sisters. It was a great lesson! It was based on President Monson's talk from last conference called "Consider the Blessings." There was a kid in the back of the class who had his hood on the entire time and his backpack on his back. At first I thought to myself, "what a punk.." but the spirit whispered to me to not judge him. At the end of the class, he raised his hand and bore a powerful testimony. He was crying and just expressing how bad he wishes that he could be a missionary! It hit me like a ton of bricks. Here I was, I didn't want to go on a mission..Heavenly Father had just told me I was going to my whole life, so I responded to his call. and this boy wanted to be a missionary more than anything, and he couldn't. None of us knew what to say after that, the spirit was just so strong that it felt like you could grab it from the air. At the end of the lesson I bore my testimony to the people in the class. I saw a few people crying. It was just an amazing lesson. The sisters in the YSA told me that when I bore my testimony the spirit hit the room like an atomic bomb...(haha) they told me that I have the gift of a testimony. They told me that I have a different spirit about me. They could just feel it from being around me...I am not saying that to boast myself up, but I am just so grateful for the gift that Heavenly Father has given me. It is not one that I could have on my own. On my mission, I have come to know my strengths..along with my weaknesses! I have so much to improve on, but Heavenly Father is helping me each day. Oh man..I just
love this gospel!

Conference was absolutely amazing!! The talk given the Saturday morning about the Savior and how he wants to forgive, touched me to the core. I literally started crying in the chapel. That talk was an answer to my prayers. It was an answer to the my deepest concern and worry. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and that he answers my prayers. The answer never really comes in the timing that I think or even in the way that I think, but it comes. He is aware of us and our needs. he is just so incredible. I have come closer to my Father in Heaven and my Savior during my mission. I have only been out for almost 3 months and I can't believe the things I have learned about myself and about the way my Father in Heaven works. I loved the talk about the children and how we should speak to them as the Holy Ghost does, with humble and quiet tones. I never correlated the two before. I also loved the talk by President Uchtdorf on stepping into the light. It motivated me and inspired me to keep moving. Although things are hard, they are a lot easier with my Savior. I also loved the talk by Elder Holland! We don't need to 'know' everything! We just have to have a small belief and we can let that belief grow into a knowledge. I always love his talks. Then I loved the talk about marriage..even though I am not married yet, I know that I can always be preparing to be a better mother and a better wife. So I took extra good notes :) I could just go on and on and on about how much I loved conference! It was a spiritual feast! One thing I loved was President Monson's story about the fire...I thought of Dad when he burned down the field in front of his house. :) If you don't know that story, you need to ask my Dad. It is pretty great. But more importantly, my investigators loved conference!! Wanda texted
us part way through and said "Oh my goodness! Two of these talks were written just for me!" Then Cherral told us "I love President Monson!" Renae told us that she loved the talk on marriage and that her fiance was also able to watch conference. Melissa told us that "President Monson seemed like a humble man and there weren't any red flags." Oh man! I can't explain how happy it made me to hear that they loved conference too!

Anyways, that is the majority of my week here in Indiana!

Lots of Love,

Sister Emilee Farr

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