Monday, March 25, 2013

03/04/13 - Week 4 in Indiana

Hello Family and Friends!

I realized that last week I forgot to tell you about a few funny things that have happened last week! Let's get down to business.
So! Funny story about tracting. Sister Carter and I were visiting a few less active members in our ward and around each house, we would tract! So, we were getting into our car after we were done tracting, and Sister Carter and I waved to a man running past our car.
Sister Carter said "we need to talk to that guy! But he is running.." 
Just then the man stopped running in front of our car to catch his breathe. 
Both of us stumbled out of the car as fast as we could nearly face-planting into the ground.
Then he started running again.
So we started chasing him down.
Imagine a man jogging down the street and two girls in skirts and coats chasing after him frantically....That was us.
We finally caught up to him and said "Hey, can we introduce ourselves"
He looked at us kind of funny and said "Is this about religion??..."
We looked at each other and said..."Well yes.. we are missionaries......."
We went on and talked to him for just a minute about what we were doing and such. He wasn't interested at all, but he accepted our pass-along card. It was one of the craziest things I have done so far as a missionary, but I am sure that many other things will happen. It just shows that when Heavenly Father wants us to talk to someone, He might make us do crazy things.

Another thing that happened last week is I demolished my baby toe. We were in our apartment that morning, and I went into the bathroom to throw something away, but on the way out I stubbed my toe on the framing of the door.. and broke off part of my baby toe-nail. I yelped and started hopping around. (The first person I thought of was Tiffany when she stubs her toe and runs around the house saying "ouch, ouch, ouch"). When I finally saw that my toe was bleeding, I layed on my back and yelled for Sister Carter. She came out and we started laughing really hard (as missionaries you get really tired..and everything is funny). Needless to say, I had an imprint of the door frame on my foot and my toenail was hanging off. We bandaged him up and we were good to go! Although, it was a little hard to walk with my boots on. I attached a picture of the little guy after about a week of healing. Now it is just bruised, but feels completely normal. I hope you got a laugh out of that! I sure did :)

Next thing, we had an ice storm!! I attached a picture of our back window with the ice half on and half off. But the whole world was covered in ice! It was the craziest thing. We had to scrape our entire car to get all of the ice off. 

Another random story. Sister Carter and I have been searching around at every wal-mart for a vacuum bag to fit our vacuum for the past few weeks. So this week, on our break, we stopped by a different wal-mart to check. And hooray! We got the LAST ONE! Just then, I Need Thee Every Hour came on the radio. Both of us looked at each other and then looked up with wide eyes. It reminded me of the Best Two Years when they are praying for that man to call and then the phone rings and they all look up and it plays "Hallelujah!" It was the craziest thing! It only played just a few lines of it. So we started rushing past isles thinking that maybe there was someone there who needed us. But it was empty. Isn't that crazy?? We sure thought it was.

Now onto other things that have happened this week.
I am sure that some of you may know, but Elder M. Russell Ballard came to my mission this week! We had a special missionary meeting with him. He took time at the beginning to shake each of our hands. When I made eye contact with him, I could almost feel the earth shake. It is incredible the spirit that follows him around. He is a man of great power and authority. I felt very privileged to be able to meet him! One of the speakers said "Have you ever had an interview with an apostle before?? just did!!" How cool is that? He told us that just shaking hands with him is pretty much like having an interview with him. He has the spirit of discernment and can know about you within seconds. He spoke to us in stake conference also and I got to shake his hands again. It was incredible how many times I was able to make eye contact with him and feel of his spirit. I know without a shadow of a doubt that he is an apostle of the Lord. He has been called of God to testify of the truthfulness of this gospel. I am grateful I was able to meet him this week. 

Anyways, that was mostly my week. I love you all! The spirit is so strong around us missionaries and I am so grateful for that! I know that my Savior lives. I know that this is His church. People may try to fight against it, but I know that they will always fail. I love to testify of the truth to other people.. you can tell that they feel the spirit. Whether or not they choose to accept it is up to them, but I know that I am doing my part. 

I love you all! And I pray for you all! I hope you enjoy the pictures and stories. 

Have an amazing week!

Sister Emilee Brooke Farr

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