Sunday, March 17, 2013

01/28/13 - Week 2 at the MTC

Hi Family and Friends!
I am sorry that I cannot write each of you an email back, I just don't have enough time! I only have 30 minutes on the computer and it kicks me out. I am doing well, but this last week has been so crazy and kind of hard for me.
I got a really bad cold on Tuesday that was all in my head. I couldn't concentrate very well and I was in a lot of pain, but hey! I made it through the enitre day. But the main adventure of this last week was on Thursday when I spent 7 hours in the Provo Hospital ER.
I am sure you are all familiar with the ice rain that fell last week that caused so many accidents and injuries. Well, after Breakfast my companion, Sister Clark, and I were walking back to our residence to get dressed to go to gym. We saw people sliding on the ground, but we didn't know why. The ice was crystal clear and smooth as glass. We walked onto it and realized that it was pure ice...and our shoes stood no comparison. Well at first we thought it was all fun and games. We were laughing and holding onto eachother and just trying to get across the ice to the normal sidewalk. But when we were about 1 foot away from the sidewalk, my companion slipped. We both had coats on, so she just slipped right out of my grasp. Well, I looked down at her once she had fallen expecting her to be laughing and trying to stand back up, but she was laying face down, completely still. I thought that she was dead. I was sliding so much that I couldn't get over to her to help her or see if she was okay. But luckily we were clsoe enough to a walk way that some Elders were able to pick her up from the ground. She opened her eyes, but she was not responding at all. They had to come and help me off of the ice too because I couldn't get off. I started asking her if she was okay and if she knew where she was and just trying to talk to her, but she wasn't answering. After a while she started talking a little bit, but really wasn't there all of the way. Some other sisters went and got a wheel chair for her and then they shuttled Me and Sister Clark off the BYU Health Clinic. When we were there, they took some X-Rays and examined her vitals. We got some bad news from them...they told us that she had cracked her skull. Scared me and her half to death. Then the shuttled us off the ER where we waited for 7 hours in the waiting room so that they could see if there was internal bleeding or anything that they could do. After 7 hours, they finally called us back and they took a CT Scan of her. When we got the results they actually told us that he skull was not cracked but that the way the plates in the skull are fit together made it look that way. Also, there was no internal bleeding. She does have a concussion though and a huge goose egg on her head. It was a long and tiring day. We left the MTC at 8:30 AM and got back at 4:10 PM... wow.
Now she has only been able to go to one class a day (which means I can only do that too) and she can't go to gym. It has been kind of hard for me to handle, but I am getting better. I have just been trying to look on the bright side and stay positive. The Lord is blessing me so much! I know that He is watching out for me and that He knows me. I would not be able to do any of this without Him. It is really hard to be away from everything that I know, but I know that I can do it.
This past week we taught some of our progressing investigators. We teach Andrea (an Athiest) and Dave (who isn't really religious). We got Andrea to believe in God and she is now praying and reading in the Book of Mormon. Dave is reading in the Book of Mormon and praying. He also has a testimony of Joseph Smith! :) Horray!! I love the adrenaline rush that comes from bringing others the Light of Christ. I love seeing people change their life for the better and being more happy.
This gospel is truly amazing. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be out here growing and changing into the Woman that God wants me to be. He has definitely put me through some hard challenges to show me more of my weaknesses, but I know that through him, weak things can become strong!! I hope that all of you are putting your trust in God and relying on his spirit to guide you. This life would have no meaning or purpose without Him and His son Jesus Christ! Never forget to read your scriptures, attend the temple, pray dailyand do everything you can to change your life to be more in line with Him. Learn to trust in the spirit and follow it's promptings, because the spirit will tell you all things that you should do. One scripture that I really love is Mosiah 4:9 - We cannot comprehend all that God can comprehend. We may go through things in life that are very difficult and we don't know why we have to experience them, but believe in God, believe that he is that he created all things. We can't understand why we have to face certain challenges, but I know that as we put our faith in Christ and in Heavenly Father, they will only make us stronger and better.
I miss you all more than I can explain, but I know that I am here for the right reasons and that I need to be here. I also love you all!! You are all so supportive and loving in every way!
There is just so much to learn and so much to do here! We are always so busy. I am really sorry that I can't respond to all of your emails personally, I hope that this will be good for everyone.
Remember to never forget to trust in the Lord. Lots of Love,
Sister Emilee Farr :)

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