Monday, July 14, 2014

07/07/14 - Week 73! {Week 2 of Transfer 13} "Chalk!"

Hello :)

This week was the 4th of July just as you all know....and we did something super cool as a mission!! We went to a local park on the 4th and drew out the Plan of Salvation IN CHALK. And as we drew it, people would walk by and look at it and we would snatch them and teach them all about the Plan of Salvation. It was so neat! There were TONS of people there. We were with half of our zone in Cincinnati, Ohio. We did it at two different parks and we had a great turn out. They kicked us out of the first park after we had lunch...but I guess God had to get us to the other park too somehow! But we talked with some really neat people. We also had a crazy experience when we were sitting down eating lunch. (Which we got at a suuuper sketchy Kroger downtown. There were cops there to supervise and everything p.s.)  [[but we were safe, the Elders literally created a circle around us wherever we walked]]. This little girl, who was maybe...4, came up to us and handed us temple pass-along-cards. And no, she wasn't member.... Uh...?? She had gotten them somehow and was walking around the park handing them out to everyone. And of course, no one could resist a cute little 4 year old! We should give pass along cards to little kids to hand out more often! But we took a picture of some of us with the cards in our hands.

We also had another CRAZY rainstorm this week! We were luckily in the car when it was really bad, but there was some intense lightening. I took some videos, so I will have to show you..but it split some trees in our apartment complex! When the storm passed, we could still see the lightening, and it was literally like war of the worlds. Were it was silent but there was lightening coming down in the same spot over and over again. We took a video of that too. I really haven't seen anything like it. We had our power out for about an hour that night. It was quite the adventure, but really fun too :D But no worries, no one got hurt or anything.

THANK YOU FOR YOU PRAYERS!! We finally got 2 people at church! We have been working so hard to get 2 people to come to church for the past 4 weeks, and have been unsuccessful. But I know that your prayers to help us, sent us God's grace. We had two cute little boys come to church with us and our neighbor. The boys absolutely loved it. And the younger one (who is 7) was asking me all about baptism and the sacrament during sacrament meeting. At the end he said "I want to go to this church until I am 8." I said, "Why??" He said, "Because then I can get baptized!!!" It was the cutest thing! They are 7 and 10 and absolutely adorable. They are so interested in learning about church and always ask questions. We are trying to get their grand parents involved because they aren't really church goers, but with more prayers and with God's help, we can get them there!

I don't have a ton of time, but I hope you all know that the Lord loves you! Keep doing the little thing

s every single day. They really do matter. We meet so many people each day who just "fell out of the habit" of coming to church. It is through small and simple things that great things are brought to pass. But the great thing doesn't just have to be salvation, it can be destruction. Satan usually works by small means. But we can overcome him! We did once. In the pre-earth life, we all overcame him. In Revelations 12, it talks about the war in heaven. And how we overcame him. We can do those same things today to fight him off. We are the valiant of the valiant and we have power given to us that will always overcome evil if we choose. I love you all so so much!
I love you all!!! Have a week of happiness!!
Sister Emilee Farr

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