Friday, June 21, 2013

06/10/13-Week 18 in Indiana [Week 1 of Transfer 4]

Hi friends!
I am doing great!!! So, lets just get the news out of the way :D

I am now serving as a trainer with Sister Katie Colton of Alpine, Utah in Huntington, Indiana! ( <-- a new sister area) and YES, on July 1st, I will be part of the Ohio Cincinnati Mission!! With President and Sister Porter as my new mission presidents! Crazy stuff. I just knew that I would be going to Ohio!

My address is:
337 William St
Huntington, Indiana 46750
But!! They are trying to get us an apartment in Aboyt, Indiana (idk how to spell it) because they want us to work more in the Fort Wayne area of our ward. Our ward is huge! Well, the boundaries are! To get to Fort Wayne from Huntington is about a 40 minute drive. But it is wonderful!

Aaaaand, no, I was not able to attend Wanda and Andrew's baptism :( I live about 2.5-3 hours away from the Indy 1st area now. But Sister Cordner emailed me and said that it was amazing! She said that Wanda "felt it." Meaning that she could feel her sins and mistakes washed away! She didn't send me pictures, but she said that next week she will. I am sooo happy for her!! Wanda was sad when I told her that I wasn't going to attend, but she told me that it was okay because now I could go and give other people His Word. She is just so amazing!

This week has been crazy! Sister Colton and I drove after the transfer meeting for about 2 hours to get to our cute little house/apartment! We called our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Kennedy, and he directed us right there! We pulled up to our address and we live in the down-stairs floor of a cute yellow house that has been made into an apartment (pictures to come next week..I forgot my camera card). It is cute and has its own style and antiquness about it. I love it! The ward stocked the cupboards full of food and got us all of the basic necessities for us! People donated all of the furniture and food just for us. We have had people stopping by periodically with bags of groceries and treats! They are just so wonderful here! I love the ward and the people here in Huntington! So we got there, and we had maps, no area book, no investigators, not even a! And only 5 numbers on our phone. President and Sister Collins, Elder Munguia (an AP), our Ward Mission Leader, and the Elders for our ward. We have had quite a fun adventure getting everything together!
After getting settled in our apartment, Brother and Sister Kennedy took us out to dinner at Los Amigos and we got to know them a little bit. They are an adorable old couple who is willing to help us with everything! They have been working really hard to get stuff all put together for us. The next morning we met up with the Elders we are splitting the area with, Elder Price and Callister. We have put a boundary on our ward and we cover half of it including half of Huntington, half of Markle, Roanoke, and part of Fort Wayne. It is huge! But we will find our way...eventually. haha :)
We have been spending our time tracting, trying to visit members of the ward, finding maps of our area so we can put everyone on it ((((if you looked in a missionaries apartment, you would probably think that they were stokers by they way we have peoples names pinned onto a huge map)))), getting lost driving, laughing a lot, following the spirit..... you know, normal missionary stuff. It has been crazy because we didn't have anything besides a ward roster for 4 days! Now we have a couple Former Investigators that we are going to try and some Potential investigators that we will try to contact again, but we are really starting from scratch! It has been hard to train because I have no clue who anyone is! But, Sister Colton is an AMAZING missionary already :D I think that she came out pre-trained! She learns really quickly. Of course, when it comes to tracting, I do all of the talking, but she will eventually get the hang of it. We are going to baptize everyone here...we decided that a couple of days ago.

I want to tell you about an experience that we had on Saturday evening. We were trying to visit a couple of less active people and looking at the map on our GPS  to find a certain road to drive to, but we couldn't find it for the life of us! We kept seeing the same street (Division St) over and over. We knew we were supposed to be somewhere, but we couldn't figure it out! When we pushed the back button on the GPS, it randomly had a destination for us to follow. So..wondering if it was Heavenly Father trying to direct us, we tried to follow it. But it lead us into the middle of a Brethren College Campus (mind you..Brethren's pretty much hate us, we found that out day 2 here). To get to the real destination on the GPS, we would have had to get out of our car and walk to where it wanted us to. We couldn't decide if our hesitancy to get out was our own fear of Brethren people or it was the spirit. We said a prayer and still couldn't tell. We decided to get out of the car and start slowly walking away, and as we did, the spirit warned us to get back in. So...we did and ran as fast as we could. But we still didn't know where to go. We decided to try one of the less-actives that we were going to see, and sure enough, they lived on Division St (mentioned above). So we drove quickly over there. We went to the house of the Less-Active on that street, and no one was home. A little bit confused, we went and knocked on a few doors and went back to our car. As we sat there trying to find out the next place to go, I saw a few people walk past our car and I just felt like we needed to get out of our car and start we did. We walked and would knock on some doors as the spirit directed. We came to a specific door and were about to knock when we saw the No Soliciting sign. Our mission president has told us that we should not knock on those doors, so we left. I expected someone to be outside, but no one was. So we kept walking. We finally came to a street and decided to head back to our car from the way we came without any success. As we walked back, we saw a lady sitting outside weeding her flower pot. We approached her and started to talk with her about the gospel. We found out that she was a Quaker and acted dis-interested, but polite. I continued to talk with her and recited Joseph Smith's first vision to her and mentioned about the Book of Mormon. That really caught her attention. She started to ask questions about it more and more. We ended up leaving her with a card and our cell phone number. She said that a couple of things we said really interested her and that she wanted to do more research. We told her that we do this full time and offered to come back, but she wanted to do it on her own. We said a prayer with her, and left. The spirit was soooo strong! And guess what?? She was in the "No Soliciting" house! Heavenly Father made us keep walking, so that he could get her outside. Even if we only started a seed, I know that we were meant to talk to that women that day. It was a really strong spiritual experience!
I just love being a missionary! It is really hard and exhausting, but worth it! I am doing great and loving everything! Thank you all for all that you do!!!
Love you!!
Sister Emilee Farr

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