Friday, January 25, 2013

01/16/13 - First Day at the MTC

Hello Family!

I have come to the finish of my fist day! I am doing really well! Surprisingly well to be honest. I haven't cried since I left the car. I have been so busy all day long! They ran us to our room to drop off our luggage, then we went to our classroom to met our district AND guess what mom!? My Companion is Sister Jackie Clark!!! The girl that those ladies told me about in the temple. She is really amazing! We get along perfectly. We are able to talk easily and it is easy to be around her. I am really grateful that she is my companion! I can tell that we will work great together. :)
Then we went to a missionary orientation with the presidency. It was really good. I felt the Spirit strongly. One thing I really liked was that they said that without Christ's atonement, we couldn't do this work. It is very true! Our Savior is really everything  Without Him we would have no purpose. We were challenged to read the missionary handbook and memorize our purpose as missionaries by Sunday. Sister Clark and I have already memorized our purpose. :)
Anyways, I am doing well. Today has been a lot of orientation and "deer-in-the-headlight" moments, but very good. We had a cool teaching activity tonight where we met as a group and had to try to teach different investigators. We were with a bunch of other missionaries, but it was really difficult and kind of frustrating. They kept asking questions and arguing, in a way, with us. But it taught me that each family and person is different. They each need different things. I have lots to learn! But I can do it.
I am doing great! Much better than I expected I would be. I can feel your prayers and my Saviors strength. I love you all so very much! You are all so wonderful and supportive. Remember the Savior and that He loves all of you. Again, I am happy and well!
Sister Emilee Farr

PS. My p-day is on Monday, so I will write you more then. They just wanted us to write you now and let you know we are okay.

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