Friday, January 11, 2013

An Unexpected Calling

On November 21st, 2012 I received my mission call to the Indianapolis, Indiana mission. I report to the Missionary Training Center on January 16th, and I will be speaking English. I have always dreamed of serving a mission, but never thought it would actually happen. There were too many things that had to fall into place.

You see, my best friend and boyfriend is currently on a mission in the Philippines. And if I went on a mission, I would have left right before he returned from his mission. Which means 3.5 years away from each other...who wants to do that? I sure didn't. No thanks. 

Also, I am a year and a half away from completing my Bachelor's degree. I could be finished with my degree by the time I [most likely] got married. And thus I could provide income for my husband and I as a newly married couple. 

Oh my naive self... I thought I had everything planned out perfectly for the next few years. I had each year scheduled with school, trips and adventures. Little did I know, the Lord had a different plan for me. On October 6th, 2012 President Thomas S Monson announced that sister missionaries can serve missions at the age of 19 instead of 21. Right away I knew that I was going to be serving a mission. I got an interview with my Bishop that week and was on my way to completing my papers.

Needless to say, about 2 months later I was called from my Heavenly Father to be his servant for a year and a half. I am sure there will be struggles and heartaches. But the blessings that I will receive from dedicating my time to him, will be far greater than the challenges. 

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