Thursday, September 5, 2013

09/04/13-Week 30 in Indiana [Week 1 of Transfer 6]


I must just say that I am a little crazy today. You see, my stress level this morning sky rocketed. 
I have news for you!!! Transfers:

I am staying in Huntington, IN.
I am training again.
AND I am now a Sister Training Leader for my Zone (a mix between a zone leader and district leader thing...)

Sister Colton is leaving and training!!! [I feel like a proud little mom:)]

So, keep sending me letters at:
337 William St #1
Huntington, IN 46750

Anyways. When we saw that President Porter was calling this morning. Sister Colton and I wanted to throw up. We both had thought that we slid past the radar and didn't have to train. BUT! At noon today, they dropped the bomb on us. I have to say that when I was asked to be a Sister Training leader I started to cry a little bit. My last companion, Sister Cordner, was one. I am so grateful that I was able to be with her for a transfer and get an eye into the life of one. But I am so nervous to actually be one now. I feel so inadequate. This past Sunday the Zone Leaders called me and told me that President Porter requested that I come to the Missionary Leadership Council (there were pictures of that on Facebook). I wasn't sure why because normally only Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders go to that. But, I said sure. While I was there, I felt so inadequate! Those missionaries are so amazing. They are really good at just talking to people. They have amazing ideas. They are definitely leaders. As I sat there I got overwhelmed with everything that I have to improve on. I am nowhere near perfect. I have no idea how to be a leader. President Porter said that he wouldn't normally call me because I am so quiet, but Heavenly Father has chosen me to do this. I just have to rely on that. I have to remember that this is a call from my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ and that all things are possible through them. I am going to need a lot of extra prayers and supportI know that by myself I am completely incapable of doing this work. But I have to rely on my Savior, and He will get me through. I am just going to pray really really hard every single moment! I am not sure how to do this, but I know my Savior does. And as long as I rely on Him, it will all work out. 

Oh man. Anyways, this week has been really long!! Since Preparation Day was not on Monday, it has just kept going and going and going!! But, we are finally at the end. We had some amazing things happen this week!!

This past week we stopped by to visit a less-active family. We have met them a couple of times just on their door step, but have never been able to get into their home. This past week, we met them at the door, and they told us to come back during the day. So a few days later, we stopped by, and we got in! We talked with them and found out that they have seriously been thinking about the need to come back. They told us that the last time that we stopped by, it sparked a conversation with them at the dinner table with their 10 and 9 year old. They talked to them about what baptism was and realized that they have a great responsibility for their children. They are coming to understand that they have to teach their children the Gospel. We had a really good lesson with them. We talked about how the gospel is a lifelong commitment. We are to be examples of our Savior for the rest of our lives. We talked with them about Peter in the bible where he is commanded to leave his ores and his fishes and feed His sheep. When we are baptized, we are commanded to leave behind out ores and our fishes. We are asked to leave behind all that we thought we loved before, and become disciples of our Savior Jesus Christ. And it is not just for a few months or a year or so. But it is for the rest of our life. This gospel is a gospel of Becoming. Not just knowing. But yeah, so we talked with them and they are going to pray and think about having their children taught and brought into the church. We are very excited! They are so prepared.

Then we had a GREAT lesson with Shelby. She is still doing wonderful! She should be coming to church this week!! We are going to do a church tour tomorrow night at the church and commit her to baptism at the baptismal font. We are very excited! She has prayed every night to know if the church was true. And she said that she feels that God is telling her that it is true! We are so excited. We also went to her grandmother's (Lorraine) house and taught her about the restoration. It was a really good lesson. She had lots of questions about the differences between the churches. She has noticed the things that are going wrong in the Catholic church, and is searching for more. She asked for a Book of Mormon because she wanted to read it. She didn't want us to come back yet, but she wanted to search through it on her own. And then she told us that she was glad that we came and talked with her more about what her granddaughter (Shelby) was learning. And that now she is just fine if Shelby decides to join the church. Yay! We were worried about her family. But it seems that everything will work out right. She is moving along wonderfully!! :D

Next Saturday we have 5 baptisms! The Bowers family and Saranna Kewish. We are so excited for all of them! Saranna is very excited and she knows that this church is true. Her mom, Susan, is the only thing that is rough for her right now. Susan has been having a REALLY rough week this past week. We are really worried about her. Keep them in your prayers please!! Things have been very rough for Susan and she has been in a very deep depression hole. Everything has been building up since Saranna's baptism is coming up, and it has been too much for her to handle. Keep them in your prayers please!! But Saranna seems to stay upbeat. We think it may be partly because that is how she copes; by not really letting it sink in. The Bowers are doing great! They have had a ton of trials this past week too. Their daughter was in a car accident and Satan has really been working hard at them. But they are pushing through it all. They refuse to give up. We are very excited for them! We are just working with members to be in contact with our investigators more. They are struggling just coming to lessons with us, so we are praying they have the missionary fire work within them. Hopefully they catch the missionary wave!

Funny story. This past Sunday, Sister Colton and I tried to make Sister Kennedy's legendary chocolate cake. But let's just shouldn't use a glass pan. We baked the cake during our lunch break, and then at dinner we came back to frost it. After we had frosted it and it looked delicious, we broke our fast and ate it. And it was......not so good. Apparently it hadn't cooked all of the way through. it tasted like eggs...half way cooked. So, Sister Colton and I thought that maybe we could just stick it back in the oven for a little while longer (with frosting and all). Let's just say it was a bad idea. After baking it for almost 30 more minutes, it was now a crusted, eggy, soggy mess. It was quite the adventure. I guess I am just not supposed to bake on my mission! I will take it as Heavenly Father trying to put me on a diet ;) But it was quite hilarious.

Then!! We had a great lesson with a Less-Active, Adesa. She was raised in the church, but her family went off and on. This past week we went back to teach her the Restoration again, and she had a non-member friend there, Sierra. It was a perfect opportunity! We taught the restoration to them both and the spirit was so strong. Adesa started to get a little teary-eyed when we recited the first vision. It was an incredible lesson. Her friend wanted the Book of Mormon and wanted to read it. We are so excited! Heavenly Father is leading the elect to us. Our investigators are literally just falling into our laps. It is nothing that we are doing. We are just trying to be obedient and diligent and follow the spirit. And He is truly doing the rest :)

There have been many other miralces this week. The work is wonderful and moving forward at such a fast past. I can testify that this IS the Lord work. This is the only true church on the earth. We have the fulness of the gospel We have the Authority from God. We have living Prophet who talks with God and Jesus Christ and leads His church today. I am so privileged to have the opportunity to be a missionary at this time. I hope that all of you are looking for missionary opportunities!! They are all around us. Our brothers and sisters need our help to find the Father in Heaven again. To make it back to Him. And it is our responsibility and privilege to help them along the path. Oh man! I love this gospel. The church is SO true. I can't even handle it sometimes. Just reading the scriptures and truly studying them, there is no doubt in my mind that this is the true gospel on the earth. Joseph Smith was just a imperfect man who was called to do a perfect work.  The Book of Mormon is the way to know. We must not forget that whom God calls, He qualifies. We may not be perfect, but his Chruch is. His gospel is. He translated the Book of Mormon and that is the proof that he was called of God. That he was a Prophet. If you have any doubts, take Moroni's challenge and read and pray about the Book of Mormon. That is what we, as missionaries, tell people every single day. Just like Elder Holland told the world in the last general conference, if you don't know this church is true yet, you can lean on my testimony until you can gain one of your own. I just love this gospel. I know I keep saying it, but it is true. We are so lucky to have it. Not just part of it is true, ALL of it is true.

I love you all! Thank you for your prayers and support!!
Sister Farr

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