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05/13/13-Week 14 in Indiana [Week 4 of Transfer 3]

Hello, all!

Sister Farr & Sister Cordner
I can't believe that I have already almost been out 4 months..that is crazy! It seems like I just barely got out here, but it also feels like I have been out here forever! Weird how time does that. The days go by slow, but the weeks go by fast. Each day feels like 3 in one. From morning to lunch feels like a day, then lunch to dinner feels like a day, and dinner to bed feels like a 3rd day! As a missionary you do so much just in one day! 
This week has been great! I went on two exchanges. My first was with Sister Howard (from Idaho) and she came to Indy 1st with me while Sister Cordner went to Bloomington with her companion. Sister Howard has only been out 2 weeks and we had lots of fun! 

However...Sister Cordner's and my exchanges always seem to start out with giant rain storms! I don't know if I told all of you about our exchange in Seymour, but it was crazy. I will tell you about Seymour first. You see, since we go on sooo many exchanges this transfer, the assistants gave us what they call "racecar mattresses." They are pretty much like the pippy-long stocking mattresses that we have in our trailer for when we go camping. They gave us that so that we don't have to sleep on the ground when we both go to an area and blitz it. So! We pulled up into the sisters' apartment in Seymour, it was lightly sprinkling. It looked like it was about to pour, so we were trying to hurry as fast as we could! We both had little suitcases, blankets, and were trying to balance the mattresses on ourselves (kind of like an umbrella from the rain) to get everything in one trip. But it starts POURing and thundering and lightening. And dear Sister Cordner is scared of thunder and lightening.... So she lets go of her suitcases and books it for the apartment complex with the mattress. So I grab her suitcase (mind you, I am now carrying 2 suitcases, a mattress, and other belongings) and try to walk as fast as I can to get inside. I will just say that we both looked like drowned rats by the time that we got inside. Aaaand, the mattresses were soaked so we ended up sleeping on the floor anyways. We pretty much failed!

So, back to this exchange with Sister Howard. We exchanged right after our 7 hour Zone Conference. And because we had been inside for 7 hours, none of us knew that there was a giant rain storm happening outside. But when we all go to the back doors to get in our cars, to our pleasant surprise, our cars are parked on the farthest side of the parking lot (a good 1/4 mile away) and it is crazy pouring outside. All of the other missionaries are standing by the door unsure of how to attack this new challenge. But Sister Howard and I look at each other and just book it across the parking lot as fast as we could! It would be an understatement to say that we were wet. When we got to the cars finally, Sister Howard went to her car and grabbed her suitcase out of the back seat...however, she had forgotten to zip it up before she flung it out.. SO everything in her suitcase came flying out all over the sopping wet ground. hahahaha. We picked it all up and finally were safe in car. We just laughed and laughed..and so did all of the other missionaries from the cover of the church building. 
Then we went tracting..yes in the rain..yes looking like drowned rats. And it was fun! We found some success and I gained some confidence in my abilities as a missionary. Maybe I can talk more than I thought I could ;) But we had lots of fun together and found some really amazing new investigators. 

Then on Saturday I went on an exchange with Sister Hansen (from Provo) and we had more fun! She has been out as long as I have and we were able to relate a lot to each other. It was cool to see her progress and mine as well. It is also interesting to see that two missionaries in the same mission can have completely different experiences. But we had an interesting lesson with a lady named Sister Osborn. They taught her a couple times, but hadn't been able to contact her, so we stopped by. We saw her outside and after asking her multiple questions, she finally let us in. We asked her about her religious beliefs and that is where the crazy started! I guess that she believes in reincarnation and she told us, "I don't want to be a tree! That would be so would just stand there. I would rather be a dolphin or something." Lets just say it was a very interesting lesson. But I love the people here in Indiana! They are lots different than Utah, but I love them soooo much!

This morning I saw my first millipede...or centipede...I don't know which one is which. But it was crawling on our wall and I was in our room wiping down our dressers and looked up and screamed bloody murder. Those things are disgusting!! Sister Carter (my 1st companion) warned me about those. Sister Cordner had to kill it...I am a wimp when it comes to bugs. But hey, that one was all hairy and nasty...and big. 

Wanda and Andrew are still doing well! They came to church yesterday and they had lots of fun! Carter is still hilarious! We were in Relief Society having a Visiting Teaching conference, and at the end the Bishop got up and said that he felt out numbered because he was the only male in the room. Then Carter stood up from the back corner and said "Hey, I am here too!" hahaha. Everyone was laughing pretty hard. He is still too scared to go to primary, but we are hoping that he will soon. Wanda has committed to live the Word of Wisdom and she is just progressing so quickly! She knows that the church is true, and she is so dedicated! I am so proud of her! :) :) I love watching her change into the person Heavenly Father has created her to be. 

Jennifer (one of our investigators we haven't been able to meet with in a while) now has a baptismal date of June 29th!! Wahoo! When she first heard the story of Joseph Smith, she said that she felt "free" like butterflies. And when she first read the Book of Mormon she said that she felt "power" and "strength" come from it. Ah! She gained her testimony so quickly!! I just love the people here! They are all so wonderful.

I attached a picture of my is getting pretty long!! I thought since Jessica and Stacy are pregnant, and they will probably send "watch me grow" pictures, I would send you pictures of my hair randomly and say "watch my hair grow." haha..yes I am a dork. But what can you say??

Then I sent pictures of more cute little goslings. 

And of Sumner and Charley the little boy and little girl whose house we do our laundry at. They are so sweet!

Well I am all out of time! I love you all! Thank you for your support!!

Sister Emilee Farr

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